(HBO) - The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has seriously implemented documents of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Provincial People's Committee on the prevention and control of Covid-19. The Department requires all travel companies and tourism sites to be proactive and creative in applying many different solutions suitable to the locality to prevent and control Covid-19 to ensure safety for tourists.

Hoa Binh hotel staff (Hoa Binh city) are cleaning and disinfecting the hotel rooms.

From 8th to 14th February, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism established 3 inspection teams for the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic at all tourism sites, hotels and travel companies in the province. Through the inspection, the majority of the tourism businesses have strictly obeyed the instructions and guidance of the prevention and control of Covid-19 of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism such as stopping all the festivals, all of the drivers, hotel staff, restaurants ... wear face masks while working or being in contact with tourists. Additionally, many tourism destinations have creative measures to prevent epidemics.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Dong, the Director of Vietnam Heritist Park (Cao Phong), says: To ensure tourists from the disease of Covid-19, Heritist Park has been distributing free face masks to tourists, taking a temperature measurement for visitors right at the gate. We have been flowing guests to avoid crowding in one location. The park's staff are located at seven main sites to report the number of visitors at each site to the gate ticketing department. On that basis, the tour guides arrange, instruct and take the tourists to the places with few tourists to avoid crowding. To attract visitors in the mid-season of the epidemics, we give them free trams.

In Da Bac district, the prevention of Covid-19 epidemics at community and the spiritual tourist sites at Bo Temple has been urgently and regularly carried out. The People's Committee of the district has been instructing the Health Center to organize regular spraying of disinfectants at Bo Temple and the community guest houses. In addition, the district’s Steering Committee for Covid-19 has checked and reported the epidemic prevention activities at tourism sites everyday. The police force has been managing and checking the identity cards of tourists. They have strictly managed the tourists from China and other countries that have announced epidemic outbreaks to the district.

Ms. Dinh Thi Hao, the Director of Da Bac Community Tourism joint Stock Company says to ensure tourists from Covid-19 epidemics, the company has worked with their partners and only accepted tourists who are healthy and do not come from the epidemic areas. The number of guests canceling their tours of the company is small. In February, the number of tour bookings did not decrease comparing to the same period of last year. The company has welcomed 18 groups of guests with about 250 turns of people, only 7 guests canceled their tour. In the coming time, the company will coordinate with travel companies to make surveys promoting the beauty of nature and people of Da Bac to attract tourists.

In recent years, the province's tourism industry has always been proactive and creative in implementing many solutions for the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic, ensuring that Hoa Binh is a safe destination for tourists. However, with the anxiety of people about the disease, the number of tourists to the province has decreased significantly. According to the statistics from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in the first quarter, it was estimated to welcome 560,000 turns of visitors, reaching 54.9% over the same period of last year, reaching 17% of the year’s plan. The total revenue from tourism has been estimated at 380 billion VND, reaching 73.5% over the same period of last year, reaching 15.2% of the year’s plan.

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