(HBO) - A delegation comprising leaders of Hoa Binh province’s Departments of Planning and Investment; Culture, Sport and Tourism; Natural Resources and Environment; the Hoa Binh clean agriculture firm and Thien Phuc construction investment company recently made a fact-finding trip in Vay Nua (Da Bac).

The delegation at Vay Nua commune (Da Bac).

After studying the conditions in Lau Bai and Tham hamlets in Vay Nua commune, the Hoa Binh clean agriculture firm and Thien Phuc construction investment company prepared documents for the Thien Phuc eco-tourism and resort projects in Vay Nua.

The projects will combine tourism with hi-tech agricultural development and conservation of nature and culture traits of local ethnic groups, which is in line with the tourism development orientations of Da Bac district and Hoa Binh province.

The projects will be carried out at a budget of more than 500 billion VND (over 21.86 million USD) and projected to welcome 3,000 guests per day.

During a working session with local authorities, investors hoped that the provincial People’s Committee will create the best conditions for them in legal procedures for the prompt implementation of the projects./.

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