(HBO) - "Determining that by 2030 Lac Son district will have become one of the centers of high-quality tourism, convalescence and health care in the region and the whole country based on its potential as a source of high-quality hot minerals the beautiful natural landscapes, the fresh environment, the largest artificial freshwater lake in the North, and the unique cultural identity” - this is the conclusion of the Provincial Party Committee for the planning work of Lac Son district recently.

 Lac Son district does well in the site clearance and supports the investors in the project implementation. The photo: Lac Son Electronic Factory creates jobs for hundreds of the local employees. 

In spite of a large and densely populated district, not being identified as the driving force of the province, Lac Son district possesses its own potentials and advantages. Muong Vang is one of the four major Muong regions of the province, having the unique cultural values in the way of eating, and living. Thung hill in Quy Hoa commune, which is located at an altitude of over 1,000 meters, has dreamy layered terraced fields, the cool climate, and hot mineral springs, a great potential for developing eco-tourism and resort. Ngoc Son - Ngo Luong Nature Reserve, Bai Nha Peak (Ngoc Son Commune) used to be the venue for Vietnam Paragliding Tournament; The magnificent and dreamlike Mu waterfall (Tu Do commune) is a destination for tourists from all over the country. The district also has many famous agricultural products, such as Lac Son chicken, Doi seeds in Chi Dao, the honey taken form forests in Tu Do... Canh Tang lake is considered a large artificial lake with the potential for developing different types of tourism and eco-city. These are the great opportunities for Lac Son district to exploit, and in fact many areas in the district are creating attraction for investors and tourists all over the country. 

The secretary of the Party Committee of Lac Son District, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Diep says: Immediately after the congress, Lac Son district issued many thematic resolutions on the investment attraction, developing the infrastructure, the urban areas, the tourism, the land management, the site clearance, the personnel work, the conservation and promotion of the cultural values. On that basis, it is necesary to assign the specific tasks associated with the responsibilities of the people in the Standing Committee and the Board of Directors of the District’s Party Committee to direct and implement. In the past time, the district is known as a locality with many creative and appropriate ways in the land clearance, attracting and supporting the investors to implement projects. Many key tasks have achieved positive results. Regarding the planning work, the district is coordinating to develop and manage 39 planning projects; including 1 detailed construction planning project of 1/500 scale for Mu waterfall tourism area in Tu Do commune; 2 construction zoning planning projects at the scale of 1/2000 in the area of Kha lake and Doi Thung area have been approved by the Provincial People's Committee, and announced by the District People's Committee in March 2022.

The district is implementing 36 planning projects in the fields of urban, eco-tourism and industry, of which 24 projects are funded from the state budget, and 12 are out-of-budget projects. The Department of Construction has completed appraisal and submitted the construction planning of the district with a scaled of 1/25000 up to 2040 to the Provincial People's Committee for the approval. The district is implementing a number of key projects such as the road from Vu Ban town to Doi Thung area in Quy Hoa commune; the road connecting Ho Chi Minh road with Dam Nuoc and Khoang Rao industrial clusters in Tan My commune and a number of industrial clusters and parks in the area... 

The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party has acknowledged and highly appreciated the leadership and planning work of Lac Son district, which has a clear zoning orientation with many new ideas and breakthrough thinking. The master plan determines that by 2030, Lac Son district will become one of the high-quality centers of tourism, resort and health care in the region and the whole country based on its potential as a source of quality hot minerals, the beautiflu landscapes, the fresh environment, the largest artificial freshwater lake in the North, and the unique cultural identity. In order to build a master plan to ensure the quality, the long-term vision, exploiting the potential and advantages, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party directed: The Department of Construction would preside over and instruct Lac Son district to make concurrent lacking plannings, in which the priority is given to the formulation of the district construction plannings and zoning plans at the advantageous locations as a basis for considering the investors' proposals and continuing to attract investment. They would research and propose the Provincial People's Council a mechanism to use the money collected from land in the district to invest in roads from Vu Ban town to Doi Thung in Quy Hoa commune and the infrastructure in the resettlement areas for the projects in the district. They would also consider and settle a number of proposals of Lac Son district according to its competence and the legal regulations. 

The Standing Committee of Lac Son District’s Party Committee has been assigned to urgently lead the preparation of the missing plans. It is ncesary to speed up the planning of zoning at the potential locations (the area of Canh Tang lake, the areas of the district’s upland communes). During the planning process, it is necessary to carefully calculate to determine the boundary, the area, the scale and the nature of the planning area, the land-use norms, the spatial organization of the landscape and architecture, the system of social works and technical infrastructure, in which the attention is paid to the traffic infrastructure to form a synchronous and modern network and to create more land funds (the proportion of land used for transportation accounts for at least 24% of the total urban area); the intensive analysis of the potentials and strengths, the inheritance of previously established plans, the assessment of context and development trends...to make new planning with quality, a long-term vision, a high feasibility, no overlap, creating more new development space in order to achieve the goals set by the district’s Party Congress, contributing to the success of the Resolution of the 17th Provincial Party Congress. The sub-division plans are required to be completed by August 30th, 2022. At the same time, the district actively carries out other tasks to qualify for the approval of the investment policies, bidding to select the investors, and auctioning land, and the investors can implement the key projects in the third quarter of 2022. 

The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party has also agreed to move Khoang U industrial cluster to another more suitable purpose. They have researched to invest in a route connecting Ho Chi Minh road to Dam Duong and Khoang Rao locations to create a premise for the industrial development. It is urgent to carry out the necessary procedures and support the investors to start the key projects according to the plan, focusing on the site clearance, the resettlement, ensuring the rights and stabilizing the lives of the people when they have to move to a new location.

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