(HBO) - After 2 years of being interrupted by Covid-19 pandemics, the activiries of community tourism in Da Bac district have been positively recovering. The potentials of the ecological landscape and the cultural identity of Muong, Dao and Tay ethnic groups have been promoted. There are a lot of efforts in improving the facilities and the quality of tourism services in the destinations.

The first international delegation came back to the community tourism in Da Bac to discover the unspoiled nature in Sung hamlet, Cao Son commune.

It's the summer time, so there are quite a lot of groups of tourists connecting with the travel agencies and searching for information online coming to the community tourism site in Ke hamlet, Hien Luong commune. This is also the time when the village's tourism activities are bustling again as before Covid-19 epidemics. Ms. Phuong Loan, a tourist from Hanoi said: The community tourism site in Ke village is so beautiful with the charming mountain scenery. I have had interesting experiences when I first slept in the Muong's stilt houses, the food here is rustic, however it is well-prepared and delicious. My friends and I had a free day to explore the lake area, relaxing and enjoying the view of the sky and participating in kayaking activities on the Da River.

These days, the tourism activities at Da Bia community tourims site, Tien Phong commune are not only bustling on weekends, but there are also many visitors from all over the North, Central and South visiting and experiencing on the weekdays. Ms. Bui Ngoc Nhem, a homestay business, said: Currently, most of the tourists coming here are domestic ones who love exploring the nature, the culture and the people. It is summer now, so there are many groups of tourists who are teachers and students from universities, colleges, and high schools from other provinces. They not only visit, learn but they also have many activities to share with the local and organize useful team building programs. In the days of welcoming guests, the homestay households have well coordinated in arranging accommodation, meals, services..., ensuring full demands and bringing comfort and sastisfaction to the guests.

Since the beginning of May, the district's community tourism sites have begun to welcome the first international delegations back. For the foreign tourists, Sung hamlet in Cao Son commune is one of the destinations that cannot be missed on the journey of discovery. According to the statistics in 2018, 2019, 70% of the tourists coming to the village came from the UK, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Ireland. Dao ethnic people here are also promoting their advantages of unspoiled nature and unique indigenous culture to develop community tourism and open more homestays for accommodation. In addition to exploiting the values given by nature such as the scenery of Bieu mountain, the ancient Shan Tuyet tea hill, Sung cave, the hamlet has also built new tourism products, attracting tourists such as collecting and starling Shan Tuyet tea, the workshop instructing the process of indigo dyeing, printing beeswax on traditional clothes of Dao Tien ethnic people, making sour meat, cooking Hoang wine, foot bath service, medicinal leaf bath... One of the new features is that the village has phone waves and wifi networks to help visitors more convenient in connecting communication and IT since the beginning of the year.

According to Ms. Dinh Thi Hao, the Director of Da Bac Community Tourism joint Stock Company (Da Bac CBT), choosing the direction of green and sustainable development, the cọmmunity tourism in Da Bac has soon adapted to recover and develop strongly after Covid-19 pandemics. Currently, there are 4 hamlets with 13 homestay households, attracting 180 members of 142 households to participate in groups and teams providing community tourism services, such as guiding tourists to visit, the art teams, the group of brocade weaving, and the breeding group. ... AOP project also works with the households and the community to overcome the effects of the epidemics, such as delaying the repayment deadline for the members of business and livelihood groups, adjusting the way to organize the training courses, providing the equipment for the disease prevention... For the community, the community touism in Da Bac is not only a partner but it also plays the role of monitoring the service quality, representing in signing with the travel companies. Currently, the company has signed the cooperation agreements with a number of travel companies such as Intrepid Vietnam, EXO Travel, Learning Project... and other social enterprises, which has significantly been increasing the source of visitors, especially the foreign tourists coming to the community tourism in Da Bac district. The households doing community tourism in the locality feel secure and confident in the path of recovery and development through the promotional campaigns, the communication, and diversification of the potential customers.

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