(HBO) – After ten years implementing the national target programme on building new-style rural area, five out of the nine communes in Ky Son district have been bestowed with the new-style rural area status. The localities are working to turn themselves into model rural residential areas, which are expected to boost the new-style rural area building in the district in the time ahead.

 Heavy investments have been made in Ao Trach hamlet to improve quality of new-style rural area criteria.

Ao Trach hamlet in Dan Hoa commune, which was recognised as a new-style rural commune in 2017, is chosen to become a model new-style rural residential area. 

Chairman of the communal People’s Committee Dinh Xuan Thao said based on a set of criteria on model new-style rural residential area and model orchard, the commune has already outlined a plan for Ao Trach hamlet.

It has mobilised resources to upgrade electrical, transport and medical infrastructure, as well as develop production to improve local people’s income, he said, stressing that communications work has been stepped up to raise public awareness of standards on housing and supporting facilities, household gardens, and environmental hygiene.

Priority will be given to road cleanup and decoration of local roads with flowers and ornamental trees.

The moves aim to help Ao Trach commune to satisfy 11 criteria of the model new-style rural residential area.

Currently, five new-style rural communes in Ky Son district are actively building model new-style rural residential areas, helping create a facelift to the district’s new-style rural area panorama. 

Ky Son district is striving to have all of its communes meeting new-style rural area criteria, and 50 percent satisfying advanced criteria by 2030./.



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