(HBO) - As usual, every year the specialty tree of Wenzhou mandarins opens the harvest of citrus fruit trees in the 2019-2020 season of farmers in the capital of Cao Phong oranges. The growers of this early ripe tangerines are in a joyful mood because the productivity and the quality have remained stable. The products have been strongly consumed in the market.

If considering the current area of Wenzhou tangerines in Cao Phong district, it is difficult for anyone to overcome the names such as Mr. Ta Dinh Dao in zone 5; Thuy Nga garden house in zone 4, Cao Phong town and so on. These farms and gardens have started to harvest early ripe Wenzhou tangerines in early September. 

Currently, the traders still enter the garden regularly to buy. The price is not as expensive as the early harvest (30,000 VND a kilo), during the main harvest, Wenzhou tangerine farmers still sell for the price of 20,000 - 25,000 VND a kilo right at the garden. According to orange billionaire, Mr. Ta Dinh Dao, Wenzhou tangerines are sold with more stable prices compared to that of last year. The output and the revenue from this tangerine area is still guaranteed. This is a great encouragement for the growers.

Through the sharing of the gardeners, Wenzhou tangerines were put into production nearly twenty years ago. Thanks to the good application of science and technology, the fruit quality has been increasingly affirmed. The growers in the capital city of orange often intercropped tangerines with other main oranges such as oranges with yellow heart, Xa Doai oranges, Mart, Canh organges and so on. The economic value of this tangerine is not small. Wenzhou tangerines are usually ripe around the August according to lunar calendar. 

The harvest takes place about 40 - 45 days, and then they turn to harvesting other oranges such as oranges with yellow heart. After each harvest of Wenzhou tangerines, it is normal for gardeners to pocket several hundred million dongs. For example, Thuy Nga gardener collects 7 - 8 tons per year, pocketing nearly 200 million VND.


The farmers of Cao Phong (Cao Phong) are harvesting Wenzhou tangerines at the end of the crop.

Wenzhou tangerine harvest season is not too long, so it can now be considered as the end of the crop. Tangerines have a strong sweet and sour taste with thin peels and they are easy to peel and cloves have yellow citrus. The consumers often buy and wash with water and then use their hands to peel and then enjoy. Many housewives use Wenzhou tangerines to squeeze water instead of Sanh oranges, which are rare at this crop. The squeezed water form Wenzhou tangerines is a nutritious, delicious and nutty beverage without seeds. The consumers’ demand for this tangerine variety has not decreased, it has even increased in this crop.

According to the small trades, Wenzhou tangerines have been sold to all provinces and cities nationwide, especially in Hanoi, Hai Phong and the neighboring provinces. Of the total 3,000 hectares of citrus trees in Cao Phong district, Wenzhou tangerine accounts for about 800 hectares. The area in the business period is about 80% with the average value of 500 - 600 million VND per hectare. The results of the tangerine harvest at the beginning of the crop are the motivation for the Cao Phong citrus fruit growers to continue putting science and technology into production, increasing productivity, quality and prestige of the products. At the same time, it is time to enter the main crop of early ripe oranges with yellow heart.


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