(HBO) - "North East and Red river delta regions health system support project” (Norred) has been implemented since 2013. The implementation area includes 13 provinces with a total capital of 155 million USD, of which the loans from The World Bank is 150 million USD, Vietnam's reciprocal capital is 5 million USD.

The staff, nurses and doctors of the provincial General Hospital are trained to improve the technique of reading and scanning MRI.

The project is implemented in 3 components. In Hoa Binh, the project is implemented at the Department of Health and 5 selected hospitals, including the Provincial General Hospital, the Health Centers in Mai Chau, Luong Son, Kim Boi, Tân Lạc districts. For the component to improve the quality of health services, training, and technology transfer, the Norred Project has provided 5 units with the modern equipment with a total value of over 67.6 billion VND in the past 6 years.

In addition to receiving the medical equipment, the Project Management Board has also focused on training on improving the hospital quality and training in the equipment preservation, the drug safety usage, treatment and care for the stroke patients... 

The Project beneficiaries have sent the staff to participate in training and technology transfer classes organized by higher-level hospitals such as Viet Duc and Bach Mai and K hospitals. In these training courses, the officials, the nurses and doctors of the beneficiary hospitals were transferred dozens of high technologies such as the laparoscopic surgery for gastrectomy, the disc herniation surgery, the lumbar spine cushions and photoelectric intervention circuit, the prophylaxis and care for pressure ulcer wounds, the support in endoscopic endoscopy upper digestion, the cardiovascular ultrasound, the advanced reading and MRI technique... 

Some of which have been successfully transferred and applied. The trainees have received the transfer techniques from the centre-level hospitals for the good implementation at their own hospitals to help many patients benefit from the new technologies and advanced equipment. This helps improve the quality of the medical examination and the treatment for people, significantly reducing the situation of referrals.

In addition, Hoa Binh a mountainous province, the economy still faces many difficulties, the percentage of the near-poor households accounts for quite a high proportion. Since the project was implemented in Hoa Binh, the expense of 20% has been provided to buy health insurance for the near-poor households, helping them to have the health insurance cards in their hands and to have the peace of mind at medical examination and treatment at health facilities. 

The support of information, education and communication is implemented on direct and indirect communication activities on the health insurance by the Project. In particular, the direct communication such as talks, exchanges of health insurance propaganda integrated with art, group discussions, health insurance training have been organized for the health workers at the grassroots level, the village health workers... 

In the indirect communication, the Center for Health Education and Communication, now it is the Department of Health Education and Communication (the Provincial Center for Disease Control) has built reports, TV-Sport, radio reading ... Thanks to the support of the Project in communication, it has contributed significantly to the implementation of the regimes, the policies and the benefits of people on health insurance, and the health insurance policy has become more and more widespread, and the people can understand more and they are increasingly  participating in health insurance.

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