(HBO) - On 7 November, the Provincial Steering Committee of 1084 held a meeting to discuss and evaluate the results of the implementation and arrangement of villages, hamlets and residential areas in the province.

Mr. Bui Van Cuu, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, the Head of the Steering Committee of 1084 is making a speech at the conference.

At the period of June 2017, there were 2,058 villages, hamlets and residential areas in the province, of which 66% of villages had a size of less than 100 households; 90% of the residential areas have a size of less than 150 households ... Looking into the central guidelines and the practical activities at the grassroots level, the province has issued a policy on "The pilot merger and consolidation of the communes, helmets and residential areas in Hoa Binh province”. 

Accordingly, in June 2017, the provincial People's Committee issued the Decision No. 1084 on the promulgation of the Project "The pilot merger and consolidation of the communes, helmets and residential areas in Hoa Binh province”. After 1 year of pilot, assessing and drawing experience, in September 2018, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Decision No. 124 / KH-UBND on the implementation, arrangement of villages, helmets and residential areas throughout the province.

There were a lot of difficulties and inadequacies during the process of deployment and implementation, but with high political determination and the consent of the majority of voters and people, the arrangement of villages, hamlets and residential areas in the province was successful. Up to now, there have been 1,482 villages, hamlets and residential areas in the whole province, decreasing 576 villages, hamlets and residential areas compared to the time before June 2017. 

Along with the arrangement of villages, hamlets and residential areas, the province has also timely guided the arrangement and consolidation of the organizational apparatus in the hamlets, villages and residential areas. Accordingly, there have been a reduction of about 2,300 part-time people working in villages and hamlets. 

It has also reduced 2,880 mass organizations at the village and helmet level, saving about 51.7 billion dongs from the budget every year, which is spent on allowances for non-specialized employers and funding to support the activities for mass organizations in villages, hamlets and residential areas.


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