(HBO) - As of 4:00 pm on May 4, the Fatherland Front Committee of Hoa Binh province received donations totaling 1.45 billion VND for the COVID-19 prevention and control from 111 agencies, 39 banks and enterprises, and 10 individuals, according to the committee.

Representatives from the Standing Board of the provincial Fatherland Front Committee receive 30-million-VND donation from My Phong Investment, Trade and Construction Company.

Meanwhile, the Fatherland Front Committees of districts and Hoa Binh city received 1.53 billion VND and goods worth 3.42 billion VND for the work. 

So far, the locality has mobilised a total of 2.99 billion VND and goods worth 4 billion VND. 

Luong Son district led the province in raising donations, with 262.27 million VND and goods worth 967.7 million VND.

It was followed by Yen Thuy district with 124.16 million VND and goods valued at 431.33 million VND, and Hoa Binh city with 405.65 million VND and goods worth 49.25 million VND. 

As planned, the province will receive donations until May 15.
The provincial Fatherland Front Committee provided 20 million VND, as well as 46,100 face masks and 40 boxes of instant noodles totaling 459.43 million VND to the province’s General Hospital. 

The Fatherland Front Committees of districts and Hoa Binh city actively coordinated with relevant units to distribute support to locals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In addition, the province has arranged many activities to support local residents that meet difficulties amid the pandemic, including installing rice ATMs and opening "zero dong” supermarkets and stores.  
Implementing Plan No. 37/KH-MTTQ dated on March 12, 2020 of the Standing Board of the provincial Fatherland Front Committee on launching a fund-raising campaign to support troops and people in Truong Sa island district and the DK1 platform, as of 3:30 pm on May 4, the locality had mobilised over 3 billion VND. 

Of the total, nearly 1.03 billion VND were donated by 128 organizations through the provincial Fatherland Front committee, and 2 billion VND through the Fatherland Front committees of Hoa Binh city and districts.

Hoa Binh city, and the districts of Luong Son, Yen Thuy, Lac Son, Kim Boi, Lac Thuy, Mai Chau, Cao Phong, Da Bac and Tan Lac raised 197.48 million VND, 241.14 million VND, 98 million VND, 339.37 million VND, 334.66 million VND, 149.83 million VND, 232.71 million VND, 158.58 million VND, 108.36 million VND and 146.55 million VND respectively./. 

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