(HBO) – During the 2015-2020 tenure, thanks to the attention and support from the Hoa Binh provincial Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee and departments, the Party organisation, administration and people of Yen Thuy district have managed to overcome difficulties and challenges in implementing the resolution of the district’s 20th Party Congress, thereby achieving and surpassing all the 16 targets set in this resolution.


The Party and political system building has been continuously enhanced over the past years. As a result, the local Party organisation’s leadership capacity, along with cadres and Party members’ quality, has been promoted to meet requirements for task performance in the new context. The effectiveness and efficiency of State agencies’ management and the quality of civil servants have improved while the role of local Vietnam Fatherland Front committees and socio-political organisations in strengthening the great unity bloc has been brought into play.

The economic structure in Yen Thuy has been shifted in the right direction, local infrastructure developed, and improvements recorded in cultural and social aspects. Besides, defence, political security, and social order and safety have been guaranteed.

Thanks to drastic directions by all-level Party committees and authorities, as well as the unanimity and support of people from all social strata and businesses, between 2015 and 2020, the district has recorded relatively comprehensive economic development.

The average production value has grown by 7.84 percent. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries now account for 30.53 percent of the local economy, industry and construction 38.54 percent, and services 30.93 percent. Value added per capita is currently estimated at 41.06 million VND (nearly 1,800 USD). Additionally, people’s living standards have increased considerably, with the household poverty rate brought down to 8.7 percent.

State budget revenue has continually been 24.4 percent higher than the annual targets set by the provincial People’s Committee. The district aims to collect 186.5 billion VND for the State budget in 2020, rising five-fold from the tenure’s beginning.

Implementing the two resolutions on developing agriculture and effectively using soil maps, local people have carried out land consolidation in association with forming high-quality large-scale fields and specialised farming zones. They have also built and expanded cooperation models for crop and animal husbandry, thus creating breakthroughs in raising productivity, product quality, and value per farming unit and connecting production and consumption.

Agro-forestry-fishery production value has increased by 3.94 percent annually on average and by 21.3 percent from 2015.

Notably, in December 2019, the district held a ceremony to announce the certification mark of Yen Thuy pomelo, which is an important condition for advertising the fruit, promoting investment and trade, and seeking stable markets for the produce.

While trading infrastructure has been upgraded, trading activities and services have also been diversified, basically meeting consumers’ need.

The district has also paid attention to investment attraction and enterprise development. Yen Thuy now houses 13 businesses and 96 branches and representative offices of companies with their charter capital totaling about 1.3 trillion VND, creating jobs for more than 3,100 people. There are currently 22 projects with investment certificates here whose combined registered capital exceeds 7.2 trillion VND.

Additionally, the local collective economy has been thriving. The 62 cooperative groups and cooperatives in Yen Thuy are creating over 2,000 jobs. There are also many new-style cooperatives that have joined value chains, applied VietGAP standards to production activities and had their products recognised in the "One Commune, One Product” programme.

Carrying out the national target programme for new-style rural area building, three communes in Yen Thuy have been named new-style rural areas in the 2015-2020 tenure, bringing the total communes earning the title here to six. On average, each commune has met 16.5 out of the 19 new-style rural area standards, six criteria more than that at the beginning of the tenure, and no communes have satisfied less than 10 criteria.

Apart from economic attainments, Yen Thuy has also obtained great strides in cultural and social aspects. Schools have been expanded and upgraded while educational quality continually improved. So far, 26 of the 39 local schools have met national standards. Public health care has also been promoted. Meanwhile, poverty reduction and social welfare programmes have proved fruitful.

For the time ahead, Yen Thuy is set to press on with improving its Party organisation’s leadership capacity; bringing into play democracy, solidarity and wisdom; mobilising and effectively capitalising on resources for socio-economic development; and combining the development of economy, culture and society with the protection of the environment, the ensuring of social security, and the guaranteeing of political stability and social order and safety. It aims to be recognised as a new-style rural district by the end of 2025./.


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