(HBO) - On the last days of the year, officials of the Hoa Binh provincial Veterans Association and its Chapter of Kim Boi district, and representatives of the Hoa Binh Bao Viet Life Insurance Company and many organisations and individuals managed their tight schedules to visit the Hoa Binh Provincial Fatherland Front Committee to donate money to the provincial "For the Poor" and the "Relief" Funds. Thanks to these funds, many poor households have been given "Great Solidarity" houses, and other material and mental supports.

 Bui Tien Luc, Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee visits and talks with the residents in Toan Son Commune (Da Bac) on the traditional Tet holiday).

On this traditional Tet, Bui Van Kham in Na Bai hamlet, Dung Phong commune (Cao Phong district) is not in a old house anymore. For a poor man, with diseases and no working capacity, the house of "Great Solidarity" is a truly meaningful gift. The "For the Poor” Fund provided 30 million dongs for building the house. Villagers help him to build the house. The day he was handed over the house, he was so moved. Bui Van Thu in Bai Be 1 hamlet also received a "Great Solidarity" house from the "For the poor" fund of the district.

Chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee of Dung Phong commune Bui Thanh Tra said, "For the poor" Fund has supported to build one house and another will be completed before the traditional Lunar New Year (Tet).

The year 2020 faced huge challenges. The COVID-19 epidemic affected economic development and all aspects of life. Floods and landslides hit the central region. The Fatherland Front at all levels asserted its role in gathering, uniting, promoting the strength of the entire people to realize the dual goal of preventing and combating the COVID-19 epidemics and economic development, ensuring social security; mobilizing resources to support the poor, the vulnerable so that no one will be left behind.

The Fatherland Front Committees at all levels have proactively propagated and mobilized the people to implement measures to prevent and fight against the COVID-19 epidemics. Resources have also been called for support the people in the Central region to overcome the natural disasters consequences. The "For the Poor" Fund continues receiving a positive support from organisations and individuals inside and outside the province. So far, the fund for COVID-19 prevention has mobilized over 11.89 billion VND; the "For the poor" Fund, over 14.29 billion VND; and over 5.7 billion VND for the people of Central region. Thanks to these funds, 396 new "Great Solidarity" houses have been built for the need, 61 repaired, rice ATMs established, happy supermarkets, shops offering goods for free.

Director of Da Hop Trading joint Stock Company said his company is willing to offer support for affected people in response to the call of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee.

According to Vice Chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee of the province Dang Bich Ngoc, Hoa Binh is the leading province in the Northwest region in mobilizing, receiving and allocating resources for the "For the Poor" and "Relief’ Funds. Numerous poverty reduction models have been applied, roads, bridges and schools have been built. Besides, Hoa Binh has also mobilized 3.5 billion VND to support officials, soldiers, people living and working on the Spratly (Truong Sa) island district and the DK1 Rig house.

Regardless of their ethnicity, religion, age, gender, social class, all officials, civil servants, public employees, students, veterans and farmers, workers, freelance workers across Hoa Binh province have actively responded to the call to participate in the patriotic emulation movements launched by the provincial Fatherland Front Committee, such as "All people unite to build new-style rural a, reas, civilized urban."

Models of self-governance in residential areas such as: "Self-governing road", "Residential areas protecting the environment to respond to climate change”, "performing civilized funerals","Civilized streets”, "no trash residential areas", "The sound of arresting criminals", "Clean houses, beautiful gardens, green environment, civilized alleys" have proven effective at the grassroots. The Provincial Fatherland Front Committee held contest of modelling residential areas and communes meeting the advanced criteria of new-style rural area building hosted by has push the implementation of the new-style rural area building programme.

Bui Tien Luc, Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee said, publicities and campaigns have been organized at all levels to promote the Party's policies and the State’s laws and action plans of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front (VFF) on building and promoting the strength of the great national unity bloc in the new situation.

The VFF’s provincial chapter has mobilized the province’s residents to implement socio-economic development targets according to the resolutions of the Party Congresses at all levels. It has also launched a special emulation to welcome the Party Congresses at all levels, towards the 13thNational Party Congress and the 90th anniversary of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front. It also continues to renew its operation methods in a more effective manner, directing the Fatherland Front at all levels to closely follow the local political tasks to realize the five key work tasks. The Fatherland Front Committee at all levels currently has 6,116 members, many of whom are ethnic minorities and religious deputies. The province has 1,253 reputable people in the recognized community. They are the key people to push the implementation of the patriotic emulation movements.

(Photo: Residents in Dai Dong village, Ngoc Luong commune (Yen Thuy district) perform at the National Solidarity Day 2020.

Focus has been put on social supervision and feedback, promoting democracy, protecting the people's legitimate rights and interests. The province has also focused on addressing such issues as: Supervising the support for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the administrative procedures reformation. Through supervision, recommendations and proposals are made to competent authorities and units. The Province’s People's Inspectorate Board has supervised 365 cases, the Community Investment Supervision Board has supervised 450 cases, encouraging the involvement of residents in the supervision and issuing important legal documents.

The unity and consensus among all people in the province make up an unstoppable force, in response to the call of the Fatherland Front, overcome all difficulties and challenges. This strength has been attested over time and will continue being fostered by the provincial Fatherland Front at all levels./.

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