(HBO) - Over the past years, Kim Boi district has actively coordinated and mobilized the investment resources to build the socio-economic infrastructure, maintaining the works after the investment and supporting the production development. Thereby, it has been contributing to creating a new face for the ethnic minority areas, the lives of the ethnic minorities have been significantly improved.

From the projects supporting the production development, the people in Tu Son commune (Kim Boi) have converted to growing citrus fruit trees to improve the economic efficiency.

In the period of 2016 - 2020, the district effectively implemented the integration of the capital sources from ODA projects, Program 135... In which, Program 135 was implemented in 16 communes with extremely difficult conditions and 15 villages with extremely difficult conditions of the communes of area II. With a total cost of over 110,320 million VND, 261 essential infrastructure works (roads, schools, irrigation...) had been built. The mobilization of the capital sources to support the construction of agricultural infrastructure supported the communes in the construction and repair of many works, contributing to improving the production efficiency. From a total budget of over 149 billion VND, nearly 100 km of canals and over 52 km of intra-field roads were built, many lakes, dams, pumping stations were repaired and upgraded. The construction worksn were of goog quality, and after the acceptance and handover they were put into use and effectively exploited, creating important changes in socio-economic infrastructure in the ethnic minority areas, contributing to improving the quality of construction works, improving the people's living standards and changing the rural appearance of the district.

Along with the investment in building the socio-economic infrastructure, the district has particularly paid attention to creating livelihoods for the ethnic minorities. In the past 5 years, the district has organized over 1,800 classes for vocational and science and technology training for over 89,300 people. In 2020, the district supported the production development and livelihood diversification for the people in 15 communes with a total budget of over 5 billion VND, of which the people's contributed capital was over 562 million VND. So far, more than 4 billion VND has been disbursed, reaching 90% of the set plan. District’s Department of the Ethnic Minorities implemented a model of raising organic chickens in the garden for the communes with extreme difficulty, a model of artificial breeding of cows for 10 communes with extreme difficulty, the total cost of implementation was over 570 million VND. The project on replicating the poverty reduction model of raising breeding cows was implemented in 3 communes (Cuoi Ha, My Hoa, Du Sang), with a total cost of nearly 1.5 billion VND, 100% of the capital plan was allocated.

In addition, the supporting policies for the poor have been implemented synchronously, timely, openly and transparently. The policies for the reputable people among the ethnic minorities have been paid attention to and supported. The work of improving the quality of human resources, training and fostering cadres for the ethnic minorities have also been on focused...

Mr. Bui Quang Hop, the Deputy Head of the District’s Department of the Ethnic Minorities says: With the close leadership and direction of the Party committees and the appropriate authorities at all levels and the efforts of the ethnic minorities, the rural appearance of the district is increasingly changing, the lives of the ethnic minorities have been gradually improved, the poverty rate is rapidly decreasing. In 2016, the poverty rate in the whole district was 35.04%, now it has decreased to 9.85%. Pursuant to Decision No. 2115/QD-TTg dated on November 7th, 2016 of the Prime Minister, the results of the review and assessment of poor districts of the district reached 51 points out of three groups of points. This means that the district has escaped from the state of extreme difficulty (the review time was in September 2017) and achieved the set plan.

Up to now, the growth rate of the total product in the district has been estimated at 3.59%, the average GRDP is estimated at 33 million VND/person. The quality of education and health care for the people has been increasingly improved, in the whole district there have been 42 national standard schools; 100% of the students who are the children of the poor ethnic minority households in disadvantaged communes, villages and hamlets are entitled to support policies as prescribed. The rate of population buying health insurance reached 98%; the percentage of households using hygienic water is 95%; 100% of communes have electricity from the national grid, and there a car road to commune center of the commune.

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