(HBO) - On Friday evening (May 13), Hoa Binh province's upland market in 2022 with the theme "The place of convergence and spreading” has officially opened at the Provincial Exhibition and Convention Center (Hoa Binh City). The festival takes place in 5 days, right on the occasion of the province's hosting of cycling race in the program of the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31).

Hoa Binh cultural identity are promoted and introduced to a large number of tourists and the people on the occasion of the Highland Fair in 2022.

According to the Organizing Committee of the Upland Fair, the preparations for the event's activities have been basically completed so far. The ground for the Fair and Exhibition Center is the chosen location which fully meest the required nature and the scale. It includes the welcome gate area which is decorated based on the gate of the Fair and Exhibition Center, the outside is a booth arrangement (for the security, the medical control, ticketing for art shows, etc.); the stage for opening, closing, art performances, cultural and artistic exchanges; the pavilion area with about 100 stalls displaying and selling OCOP products, agricultural products, handicrafts, the booth area introducing the traditional craft, the culture of the local ethnic groups; the traditional art performence area; the outdoor play area; the other ancillary areas.

During the week of the fair, visitors and the local people can experience and explore the festival space with a unique village-village. It is a cultural - art village, including cultural and art villages of 10 districts and the city; feeling the specialties of Hoa Binh when coming to the culinary village; being fascinated by the folk games for guests to participate in such as cake pounding, cotton ball throwing, Sap dancing, Xoe dancing crossbows shooting, stilt walking at the amusement village; visiting, buying, selling and exchanging the agricultural products, livestock and poultry at highland rural fair; visiting the OCOP booth - displaying and trading the products of the enterprises; the booth of the Center for Investment Promotion, Tourism and Trade displays and exhibits the information, the images and the products on the investment promotion, tourism and trade of the province.

Notably, within the framework of the Provincial Upland Fair Festival from May 13 to 17, a special art night program takes place from 16:30 to 22:00 every day from May 13 to 16. In particular, a special art night is on Friday (May 13) with the theme "The Echo of Muong land” (free admission); on Saturday (May 14) it is a live show "Essence – Convergence” (selling tickets); on Sunday (May 16) it is the live show "Spreading – Integration” (selling tickets); on Monday (May 17) it is the art night "The Highland Beauty” (free admission).

In particular, the live show "Essence – Convergence” satisfies the "thirst” of the audience in Hoa Binh and other provinces after 2 years of being restricted by the Covid-19 epidemics. The music night features popular young singers, such as Phan Duy Anh with the following famous songs: Because I Love You, Once Loved. The presence of the singer Ha Myo, a beautiful, talented Muong girl with the vibrant and meaningful performances: Dam Nang Khot, Vietnam and Trips, Let Mi Tell You... BB Stars music by 3 sexy girls with the songs Destiny, Forget me, Bay, On the Floor. The singer Long Nhat also participates in the program with the excellent love songs: At the two ends of nostalgia, New Shirt of Ca Mau, Near Truong Sa. In particular, the audience have an emotional and impressive meeting with the singer Tuan Hung through a series of hits: Missing rainbow, Finding the sky again, Holding my hand..., enjoy a comedy show that brings laughter from 2 comedians Chien Thang and Binh Trong. The next live show with the theme "Spreading – Integration” is a circus art night with the participation of the famous circus artists and magicians from the Vietnam Circus Union and the beloved young singers such as Dinh Tung Huy with songs that bring in millions of views such as Can't You Pretend to Love Me, The Transient Strangers; Charlie Winston – the singer and the program MC.

According to Mr. Pham Anh Quy, the Director of the Provincial Center for Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion, Hoa Binh Highland Fair is a special festival celebrating the 31st SEA Games, and at the same time it provides an opportunity spreading the messages, introducing and promoting the community activities in the fairs of the northern highland people in general and the province in particular; the characteristics and strengths of culture, the customs and habits, the cuisine and specialty products of the province, promoting the commercial activities, developing the tourism programs with the emphasis on the cultural tourism. In addition, it helps increase the commercial activities, meet, exchange, buy and sell products and goods, cultural and artistic exchanges, etc., creating an exciting, joyful, healthy atmosphere to serve the local people. It also helps contribute to creating opportunities to connect the cultural and economic life between the districts and the city with tourists.

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