(HBO) - Implementing the Project No. 06 of the Government and the plan of the Ministry of Public Security on developing the application of population data, identification and electronic authentication to serve the national digital transformation, the application of online public services in the residential sector in Lac Thuy district has been considered as an important step in the process of administrative reform and e-Government implementation over the past times. 

Accordingly, the Public Seccurity of Lac Thuy district has developed and issued a plan to deploy public services in the area of residence registration to the communes and the town, contributing to ensuring the implementation of the administrative procedures for the citizen quickly and efficiently. 

 The Public Security of Ba Hang Doi Town (Lac Thuy) are guiding the citizens to apply online public services. 

With only a smartphone and an internet connection, Ms. Dinh Thi Anh Tuyet from Chieng Sai, Bac Yen, Son La has completed the household registration to Mr. Le Van Bay's family in Vai area, Ba Hang Doi town. Ms. Tuyet says: After being guided by the Public Security of Ba Hang Doi Town to access the website dichvucong.gov.vn to complete the account registration procedures, the registration procedures of the permanent residence. Through the research, in order to change the residence registration, the citizen had to go to the locality to cut it out, now with the level-3 public service method, I just need to submit the permanent residence registration on the portal of the online public service, the police send a verification request form to the citizen's permanent residence, and when they receive the valid results, the household registration is made for the citizen. I find the use of the online public service is superior, I hope that everyone learns and implements it because everything can be done at home, the transaction is made 24/24h a day anywhere with an internet connection. At the same time, it is possible to track and monitor the status of processing records. 

Ms. Tuyet's case is just one of more than 800 successful cases of permanent residence registration through the Portal of online public service in Lac Thuy district since the beginning of the year. 

Major Ngo Xuan Hung, the Captain of the Police Department for administrative management of social order (Lac Thuy District Police), says: Previously, the people had to submit the documents directly to the police of the commune or the town where they were living. Now, now they just need to register for an account on the Service Portal and follow the instructions. The district’s police have organized the implementation to the commune-level police units. When the people come to the headquarters of the police office to contact and work, police officers and soldiers propagate so that the people can grasp the spirit of readiness to serve of the police force. Thereby, it has been creating the consensus, the support and the active use of online public services. 

Accordingly, the procedures for registration of permanent residence, temporary residence, temporary absence, and the notification of stay are simple and convenient, after just a few simple steps on a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection, the application has been completed and sent to the police agency assigned and delegated to settle according to the regulations... After a period of propaganda efforts, the whole district had received and resolved 1,173 real residence application files on the Service Portal by the end of June. In which, the procedures for the permanent residence registration were 853 cases, those for the temporary residence registration were 107 cases, 209 cases for the residence registration and 4 cases for the temporary absence registration. 

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Quach Dinh Thi, the head of Lac Thuy district’s police says: Registering residence on the Public Service Portal brings some basic utilities such as creating the favorable conditions for the citizens, reducing pressure on documents and public documents for the State agencies; the registration of online public services helps the people and the businesses to solve administrative procedures anytime, anywhere, reducing the time to send/receive documents, there is no need to travel many times, no waiting time; increasing the transparency of the service providers. When the citizens register their residence, through the online public service, they can exploit population data information, thereby they can self-check the information data. If they detect the incorrect or missing ìnormation, they can request the police to update and corect the data. 

However, the percentage of the people using the online public service is still low due to the lack of understanding of the benefits of the online public service. In the coming time, in addition to promoting propaganda, the localities have to focus on consolidating and developing the technical infrastructure and the human resources to clean data to ensure the security and safety for the connection and synchronization integrating and sharing data between the national database on population and the specialized databases. It is necessary to simplify the administrative procedures, strengthen inspection and directly urge at the facility, immediately remove the arising difficulties and problems.

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