(HBO) - At exactly 20:00 on July 31st, at Hoa Binh Square, Hoa Binh city the art program "Hoa Binh - the sound of Muong Land and Carnival in 2022 takes place.

The leaders from the Party and the State, the leaders from the central ministries and branches, the representatives of embassies, the leaders from the neighboring provinces, the representatives from the non-governmental organizations cooperating with Hoa Binh province attend the festival. There are also the people who are the former leaders from the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, Provincial Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, the former key leaders through the periods, the people in the Standing Committee, the former Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee through the periods, the people in the National Assembly Delegation of Hoa Binh province, the members of the Executive Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the representatives of the leaders from the departments, agencies, branches, armed forces, mass organizations, socio-political organizations of Hoa Binh province, the representatives of the Districts’ Party Committee, the City’s Party Committee, the directly-attached Party Committee, the People's Council, the People's Committees of the districts and the city and a large number of people of the ethnic groups in the province. 

The content of the program consists of two parts, the ceremony and the festival. At the ceremony, after the opening speech of the provincial leaders, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announces and awards the recognition certificate of the Intangible Cultural Heritage at the national level for the Cultural Heritage of Khai Traditional Festival. Ha Noi and the folk knowledge, Bamboo calendar, (Doi/Roi canlendar) of Muong ethnic people in Hoa Binh province and the directives of the leaders from the Party and the State. 

The festival part including an art performance with the theme "Hoa Binh - The Sound of Muong Land”, consists of 3 chapters: The Ancient Land, Muong Harmony, Echoing the sound of Muong Land and the low-range firework display. Previously, Hoa Binh Carnival in 2022 takes place from 16:30 to 18:30 on July 31, 2022 along Chi Lang route - Hoa Binh Square. The street art program includes 6 motorcycles with Sun Group iconic and many domestic and foreign artists and actors. The street parades re-enact a number of festive rituals and folk games of the main ethnic groups living in Hoa Binh, and at the same time they reproduce some folk dances of foreign dancers. 

The program is broadcast live on VTV1 channel, Vietnam Television Station and it is relayed on Radio and Television Station of Hoa Binh province, Hoa Binh electronic newspaper. The show has the participation of more than 300 professional actors and artists. Through the activities of the event, the Organizing Committee wishes to introduce and promote the potential and strengths of introducing the outstanding tourism products bearing the unique imprint of Hoa Binh province to domestic and international friends.




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