The association of the elderly of Hang Tram town continues to be one of the leading units in the emulation movement "The Old age – the Bright example” in Yen Thuy district in 2023. It has made efforts to promote its core role in building a strong association organisation in the locality.


Elderly people in Tan Binh street, Hang Tram town (Yen Thuy district,) actively join the physical exercise movement, contributing to implementing the emulation movement "the old age – the bright example” in the locality.

Every morning, the playground at the communal house in Tan Binh residential area bustles with people exercising, most of them the elderly. The movement of practicing exercise has created habits for the local elderly, helping them improve their health. Along with this, cultural and art movements are also maintained regularly among old people in the locality.

The associationof theelderlyof Tan Binh residential area comprises 108 members with five groups. In response to the emulation movement "The old age – the bright example”, the organisation actively collaborates with the Management Board of the street and various organisations to enhance popularisation activities and mobilise the people and its members to abide by policies and laws of the Party and State.

Members of the organisaion have been pioneers and exemplary participants in emulation movements and campaigns, especially the campaign " All people unitetobuild new rural areasandcivilised cities”.

Implementing the work of caring for and promoting the role of the elderly, the association has implemented timely provisions and policies for its members. It has coordinated with the communal health station to provide periodic initial medical examinations and treatment for the elderly in the area.

It has paid attention to maintaining activities of clubs and groups of the elderly with common interests, thus creating useful playgrounds for the elderly members.

Many members have also actively engaged in production and economic development activities in the fields of farming, animal husbandry, and services business, contributing to increasing income and improving the quality of life for them.


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