Braving harsh weather conditions, naval officers and soldiers in the island district of Truong Sa, the southern central province of Khanh Hoa, still plant vegetables so as to improve their meals.

A soldier on Thuyen Chai B Island waters a small vegetable garden (Photo: VNA)

Self-grown vegetables will help improve daily meals of soldiers (Photo: VNA)

A vegetable garden on Thuyen Chai C Island (Photo: VNA)

A soldier feeds ducks on Thuyen Chai C Island (Photo: VNA)

A soldier on Nui Le B Island picks vegetables (Photo: VNA)

Soldiers on Tien Nu Island harvest vegetables (Photo: VNA)

A vegetable garden on Truong Sa Lon Island (Photo: VNA)

Soldiers water a vegetable garden on Da Dong A Island ​(Photo: VNA)

                                            Source: VNA

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