OCOP products: Fresh fermented orange juice, orange juice and marmalade from Ha Phong Cooperative (Cao Phong) are highly appreciated by consumers for product quality and design.

Phu Thanh High School & Secondary School (Lac Thuy) has been invested with quite synchronous facilities, contributing to improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Tong Dau commune health station (Mai Chau) has well done the initial medical examination and treatment and disease prevention and control for the local people.

Van Nghia commune (Lac Son) has strongly been developing the profession of bamboo and rattan, helping the commune to effectively implement criteria for employed labor.

Over the past years, Yen Thuy district’s armed force has always been active, proactive to help the local people implement the construction of new countryside

The cultural house of Su Ngoi commune (Hoa Binh city) has been invested to be built vastly and spaciously, meeting the needs of the local people.

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Art performances celebrate success of Vietnamese ethnic minorities congress

An arts programme was held in Hanoi on December 4 to celebrate the success of the second national congress of Vietnamese ethnic minority groups. The congress saw the presence of nearly 1,600 delegates who are outstanding representatives of 54 ethnic groups from across Vietnam.

Exploring tourism in the area of Da Bac lake

(HBO) - The natural scenery of the lake is as beautiful as the water-color painting. The villages of Muong and Dao ethnic people are peaceful and wild, the ethnic minorities with the unique cultural identity are friendly and easy-going ... These features have been making tourism in the area of Da Bac lake increasingly attractive. Starting the year-end tourism season, the tourism in the area of Da Bac lake is welcoming domestic and international tourists to explore and experience.

Hoa Binh city has decorated to welcome the 17th Provincial Party Congress

(HBO) - Over the past days, all the streets and central areas of Hoa Binh city have urgently been decorated with colorful flags, banners, panels, ... to welcome the 17th congress of Hoa Binh Provincial Party Committee, the term 2020-2025, which is expected to take place in 3 days (from October 1 to October 3) at the Provincial Cultural Palace.