(HBO) - On these days, all the roads and the residential areas in Hoa Binh city are decorated with colorful flags, banners, slogans, panels to welcome the 13th National People’s Congress of the Communist Party taking place from January 25th to February 2nd, 2021.

The activities of information and propaganda are being carried out to help the officers, the party members and all classes of the people to have a deeper awareness of the significance and importance of the 13th National Congress. It also helps to mobilize the entire Party, the entire people and the entire army to uphold the spirit of patriotism, contributing to the success of the 13th national Congress of the Communist Party and opening up the opportunities for strong development of the country. The reporters of Hoa Binh Newspaper have recorded a number of decorative images in the area of Hoa Binh city.

Le Thanh Tong Street, the Commercial Center on the left bank of Da River has been brilliant before the National Congress of the Communist Party.

Thinh Lang Streer is like a new shirt with the slogan "Long Live the Glorious Communist Party of Vietnam”

Cu Chinh Lan Street, Hoa Binh City is sparkling and clear.

Large Panos welcomes the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party at the provincial Cultural Palace area.

Hoa Binh Urban Environment joint Stock Company has installed the decorative electric lights for the days of the Party’s Congress.

Flags have been placed along the two sides of Hoa Binh Bridge.

The new bright red flags have been hung in the residential areas of Tan Thinh ward.

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