(HBO) - Da Bac community tourism is favourite among many domestic and international tourists, and it is chosen as a destination on the journey to discover the land, the culture and the people. With the unspoiled nature, the unique cultural identity, the community tourism attractions of Muong and Dao ethnic people here have been attracting tourists by their rustic love and unforgettable experiences.

Visitors are learning about the villages of traditional craft and discovering the unique culture of Dao Tien people in Sung village, Cao Son commune.


The international delegation are being led by the local people to explore the nature of the mountainous region.

Enjoying the sport of kayaking in the middle of a beautiful lake.


The tourists and the people of Muong Ao Ta ethnic group in Da Bia village (now it is Duc Phong hamlet), Tien Phong commune, are catching fish raised in cages.


Enjoying a peaceful stay in the homestays of Muong ethnic people in Ke village, Hien Luong commune.


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“De” rice festival – Muong people’s unique traditional festival

Every year, on the 26th day of the 10th lunar month, people in the Muong Trac and Muong Ram areas, Lac Thinh commune, Yen Thuy district, celebrate the "De” rice (fermented rice) festival.

Grapefruit season in Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province

Grapefruit is the main crop in Tan Lac district. From mid-November until now, Tan Lac red grapefruit has entered the autumn period.

"Golden fruit" season in Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province

Starting from the end of October, Cao Phong orange region entered a new target. With confirmed quality, Cao Phong oranges have a special appeal for consumers inside and outside Hoa Binh province as well as tourists to Hoa Binh.

The festival praying for fish and releasing flower lanterns on Da River

(HBO) - Within the framework of activities of the first Fish and Shrimp Festival of Da river in Hoa Binh province; OCOP Agricultural Fair and product exhibition in the Northern midlands and mountainous areas in 2023, in the evening of October 26, the Provincial People's Committee held the festival praying for fish and releasing flower lanterns on Da River.

Exploring Mai Chau community-based tourism

(HBO) - Mai Chau district is not only known for its fresh climate, poetic landscape and hospitable ethnic people but also for its native folk culture, festivals, and traditional crafts. These are the "golden advantages" for developing community-based tourism, making Mai Chau an attractive tourist destination.

Da River shimmers in flower-shaped lantern festival

(HBO) - A night festival with flower-shaped lanterns was held on the Da river in Hoa Binh city on October 26 as part of the activities in the framework of the first Da River Fish-Shrimp Festival, and the Agricultural Fair and Exhibition of OCOP products in the northern midland and mountainous region in 2023. The event attracted crowds of visitors and local residents. Thousands of colourful lanterns were floated, creating a shimmering scene on the river. Each lantern carried messages of peace, good fortune, and good weather.