(HBO) - The new ward, Quynh Lam, was established on the basis of the entire area of Su Ngoi commune, which is facing the great opportunities for development, becoming the most livable place in Hoa Binh city.

The infrastructure of Quynh Lam ward (Hoa Binh city) is planned and invested synchronously.

Dozens of years ago, Quynh Lam swamp was vast, which was from Su Ngoi to Cham Mat with the size of hundreds of hectares, connecting with the poetic Da River but fierce. In Quynh Lam swamp there were a large number of reed and Saccharum arundinaceum and it was a wild swamp. The water in the swamp was up to the chest of an adult man, in many areas it was up to 2 meters deep. The reeds were overgrown in the areas of shallow water. Birds and storks came there to build their nests, flying in black flocks on the surface of the swamp. There were countless kinds of fish, shrimp, snails, pythons, snakes, turtles.

Thousands of people had been living off by the products from this huge swamp. In the early years of separating the province, the people still caught pythons with the length of 4-5 meters, weighing up to ten kilograms. In particular, in Quynh Lam lagoon, there were turtles weighing a few hundreds of kilos (now called the magic turtles), which could break even a barrel of water and were caught and left in the Provincial Museum.

Perhaps no one can think that Quynh Lam area has such development. In the years of 2004 - 2005, Sudico - Song Da urban area implemented the first investment project in Su Ngoi commune, which has been considered as a residential area with the most synchronous infrastructure of the town. Since then, many infrastructure projects have been planned and implemented, creating conditions for the town to meet all the levels of the urban development to the city.

Quynh Lam area is now a large Square, becoming an ideal cultural venue to organize major events of the city and the province. The urban projects, the residential houses, the administrative offices, and the infrastructure have been synchronously planned with lakes and green spaces, becoming the most livable "golden land” in the city.

On January 12th, 2021, the National Assembly Standing Committee issued Resolution No.1189/NQ-UBTVQH14 on the establishment of Quynh Lam and Trung Minh wards in Hoa Binh city. Accordingly, from February 1st, 2021, Quynh Lam ward was established on the basis of the entire 9.15 square kilometers of the natural area and the population size of 7,855 people of Su Ngoi commune; it is adjacent to Dan Chu, Dong Tien, Phuong Lam wards and Doc Lap commune. The naming of Su Ngoi commune into Quynh Lam ward is the most impressive in implementing the merger policy. Because the name of Quynh Lam ward has a connection between the past - present and it opens up the development of the future. And perhaps that is one of the reasons for forming the name of Quynh Lam, in addition to the historical and cultural factors, there are elements originating from the Quynh Lam swamp area.

The establishment of Quynh Lam ward is in line with the development trend of Hoa Binh city, meeting the expectations of the local officials and people.

The development space of Quynh Lam ward is very large and has room for strong development. Many important transport infrastructure projects connecting Quynh Lam ward with the dynamic development areas of the city have been urgently implemented. Quynh Lam multi-function center has been planned and invested, the road connecting National Highway 6 with Chi Lang Street has been put into operation. The residential areas are filled, the system of new-style houses, the cultural institutions have been planned to be built in a modern and civilized manner. The awareness of the officials, the people, as well as the living quality of the people has been quite high. People have been enjoying the medical, healthcare, cultural and educational services of high quality. The children and students have been well taken care of, and they have been learning in a friendly and safe educational environment. Currently, there are 9 residential groups in Quynh Lam ward, per capita income is over 71 million VND and the poor households has decreased to 0.89%...

Along with the Party Committee of Hoa Binh City, the Party committees, the appropriate authorities and the People of the ward have been trying to continue building the solidarity, improving the quality and the capacity of the leadership, directing the political tasks, focusing on providing good support for the investment projects to be deployed, striving to complete the task of building a city that meets the criteria of the city of grade 2, building a modern, civilized Hoa Binh city with its own identity, towards a smart urban area…

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