(HBO) - Implementing the National Target Program on the development of the new rural areas, after 10 years (the period from 2011 to 2020), implementing the projects supporting the production development and the rural trades

Yen Mong commune, Hoa Binh City has been developing the areas of citrus in the direction of high-income goods.

Up to now, the districts and the city in the province have been directing and guiding the communes to implement over 1,919 models of developing cultivation, husbandry production and the rural trades ... with the supporting fund of 367 million VND from the capital sources to implement the models. In addition, from the fund from the new rural program, 32 projects linked under the value chain have been supported with the total budget of 26,514 million VND. Up to now, the province has established the large-scale concentrated production areas in the direction of goods such as citrus production areas in Cao Phong, Lac Thuy, Kim Boi, Tan Lac, Lac Son and Yen Thuy districts; Luong Son organic vegetables; purple sugarcane in Tan Lac and Cao Phong; goat and chicken in Lac Thuy; fish within Da river and so on.

Typically, now there have been 9.8 thousand hectares of the citrus production areas, of which the business area is 5.7 thousand hectares with the output of 12.3 thousand tons and the average income value is over 450 million dongs per hectare every year, increasing 7.5 times compared to 2011. The cultivated area in safe vegetable production areas is over 11,000 ha a year with the income of from 200-250 million VND/ha/crop.

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(HBO) – Since 2016, tissue culture sugarcane has been put into production in Hoa Binh province to gradually replace the local purple sugarcane variety which has been degraded through many years of cultivation. This model is part of a project replacing the purple sugarcane variety with tissue culture sugarcane implemented by the local centre for application of scientific-technological advances.

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January export turnover estimated at over 65.7 million USD

(HBO) - According to a socio-economic development report by the Hoa Binh provincial People's Committee, the province earned over 65.7 million USD from export in January, up 5.56 percent from December 2019 and 21.21 percent annually. Of the figure, more than 62 million USD was goods export, up 5.89 percent month-on-month and 22.06 percent year-on-year. Services export was estimated at 3.63 million USD, up 0.14 percent monthly and 8.36 percent annually.

Most businesses resume normal operations after Tet

(HBO) – Many workers have returned to local industrial parks in the northern province of Hoa Binh after enjoying a week-long Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday, making contributions to helping their companies realise the set production and business targets for the whole year 2020.

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(HBO) – The northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh exported 791.9 million USD worth of goods and services in 2019, an increase of 24.48 percent from a year earlier, fulfilling the province’s yearly target.

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(HBO) – A delegation of the People’s Committee of Hoa Binh province on February 4 visited some businesses at the Luong Son Industrial Park in Luong Son district on the occasion of the Lunar New Year festival.