(HBO) - Since the beginning of the year 12 new cooperatives have been established in the whole province, of which Cao Phong and Tan Lac districts have established 2 cooperatives each; Yen Thuy and Kim Boi have established 2 cooperatives each; Lac Thuy, Mai Chau have established 1 cooperative each.

4 new cooperative groups have been established: 3 in Kim Boi District and 1 in Luong Son, reaching 18.5% of the planned target in 2022. Accumulating up to now, there are 635 collective economic operating organizations in the whole province, including 413 cooperatives, 3 People's credit funds, 219 cooperative groups. In addition, there is a representative office of the Vietnam Union of Cooperatives (headquartered in Hanoi) has been investing in the market management in the province. The collective economic organizations have been attracting 15,434 thousand members and 27,425 thousand employees (13,158 thousand regular employees, 14,267 thousand seasonal employees).

The cooperatives participating in the conference promoting supply and demand and introducing the cooperatives’ products organized by the Provincial Cooperative Union in Hanoi in April 2022.

Along with propagating and supporting the establishment of cooperatives and cooperative groups, the Provincial Cooperative Union has also implemented many solutions to mobilize and admit members. 14 new members have been admitted since the beginning of the year, reaching 11% of the planned target of 2022. Currently, the total number of members of the Provincial Cooperative Union is 273 units.

The average revenue of the cooperatives is estimated at 1.17 billion VND a cooperative, the average profit is 127 million VND a cooperative, the average income of regular workers is 4.24 million VND a person a month. The average revenue of the cooperative group is estimated at 110.33 million VND, the average profit is 29.09 million VND a cooperative group. The difference in income and expense of the People's Credit Funds reached 1.24 billion VND.

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Lac Thuy district: Disbursing the capital for the basic construction investment

(HBO) - According to the report of the People's Committee of Lac Thuy district, in the first 6 months of the year, the value of the industrial and handicraft production in the district was estimated at 780.74 billion VND, reaching 49.95% of the plan. Some key products with advantages have brought high economic value. They include 112.98 thousand m3 of exploiting stone of all kinds, reaching 49.97% of the plan; 46.5 million of baked bricks, reaching 49.8% of the plan; 13.14 million of the concrete bricks, reaching 49.6% of the plan.

About 12,360 administrative procedure dossiers submitted via public service portal

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(HBO) – The Hoa Binh Provincial Council for Emulation and Commendation coordinated with the People’s Committee of Hoa Binh city to hold the first exchange conference for role models on July 7. The event was attended by leaders of the provincial Department of Home Affairs and the Hoa Binh Municipal People’s Committee, along with 41 individuals who are role models from localities across the province.