(HBO) - Besides Kim Duc hamlet and hamlet 168 developing small business and trading services, in Vinh Tien commune (Kim Boi) there are 6 hamlets mainly engaged in agricultural and forestry production, the economic life of many households is still difficult. In 2021, the commune's per capita income reached 33.2 million VND, the poor households according to the multidimensional poverty line in the period of 2016-2021 is 27.9%, and the near-poor households is 10.9%.

The households in Suoi Reo hamlet, Vinh Tien commune (Kim Boi) have been planting forests and raising the indigenous pigs to increase their income.

In addition to the villages where Muong and Kinh ethnic groups are live together, Suoi Reo hamlet is home of more than 80 households of the Dao ethnic people. Their main source of income depends on the forest economy with an area of more than 130 hectares of bamboo for shoots. Mr. Ly Van Kinh, the Head of the hamlet says: The income of people in the village has improved in recent years, which is not inferior to the common ground of the commune thanks to the timely support of the Party and State to invest in the grassroots infrastructure, trees, seeds, the loans for the poor households for production... Especially since there is a smooth traffic route, goods, agricultural and forestry products are sold well with higher prices. Every year, there are more poor and near-poor households escaping poverty and rising to the average and good level. Some households have boldly borrowed the capital to purchase means of transport to expand the service industries, organizing collection and connecting with the large focal points, helping to stabilize the consumption of agricultural and forestry products for the local people.

Within the framework of the National Program on the Sustainable Poverty Reduction, the project on replicating the poverty reduction model has prioritized support in 3 villages in extremely difficult areas, namely Dong Ngoai, Thao Con, and Suoi Reo with 20 poor and near-poor benefiting households. Through the inspection and supervision, the families participating in the project have been actively taking care of the disease, making use of the yard space around the house to create a source of food on the spot, ensuring that the number of cows in the project is born and healthily grown. A number of programs and projects under the ethnic policies also support the villagers to do agriculture in terms of trees, seeds, production materials, transferring the science and technology, and building a model of crop and pet restructuring.

Up to now, the total outstanding balance of the Bank for Social Policies in the commune is nearly 26 billion VND, with over 1,000 turns of. households getting the loans. In which, the outstanding debt of the poor and near-poor households is more than 15.3 billion VND; that of the production and business is 2.8 billion dongs; that of escaping poverty is nearly 2.9 billion VND; over 1.5 billion dongs is for housing; nearly 2 billion VND is for the clean water and environmental sanitation; 279.5 million VND is for students and pupils; 150 million VND is forr job creation. The outstanding balance of Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development is about 40 billion VND. The lending activities of the banks have met the demand for loans for production, business, job creation, and at the same time it has been promoting the poverty reduction for the people. Through the loan channel, dozens of the households were lifted out of poverty and near-poor households in 2021. Typically, the households of Mr. Bui Van Luan, Mr. Bui Thanh Binh in Dong Ngoai hamlet have escaped poverty thanks to loans from the Bank for Social Policies to investment in farming and animal husbandry.

According to Mr. Dinh Duc Hieu, the Chairman of the Communal People's Committee, in parallel with the supporting channels for the poor and near-poor households to develop their economy and create sustainable livelihoods, many social policies have been effectively organized and implemented in a timely manner. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year every year, 100% of poor households enjoy the policy of supporting for Tet. In 2021, 480 poor and near-poor households were paid electricity bills with a total of more than 288 million VND. The commune has also cooperated with other agencies and organizations to mobilize businesses and benefactors to give gifts to the families, under the prfferential policies, the poor households, etc. People with meritorious services, war invalids, and martyrs' families are cared for, and ensured the regimes and policies as prescribed. In 2022, the commune is trying to reduce 5% of the poor households, with an average per capita income of 45 million VND. In order to achieve the goal of poverty reduction and sustainable poverty reduction, the Party committees and the local authorities have focused on leading and directing to promote the development of the handicraft industry, expanding the service industry to generate more income for the employees. They have been coordinating in organizing consulting and job introduction activities for the laborers working in the domestic and export markets.

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