HBO - The standing board of the provincial Hoa Binh Party Committee on March 14 held a periodic teleconference on management and protection of transport infrastructure, and settlement of violations of traffic order and safety regulations. Bui Van Tinh, member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, chaired the conference.

 Bui Van Tinh, member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, concludes the conference.

 Hoa Binh province has a total of 10,898 km of road, including 320 km of national road, 128 km of road in disadvantaged communes, 435 km of provincial road and 972.2 km of district road. The remainder is roads in communes, hamlets and urban areas. Funding is allocated for the regular maintenance and repair of all national highways and provincial roads in the province.

 The planting of land clearance and road landmarks on roads has been completed and handed over to local authorities for management. The land areas for roads and traffic safety corridors have been basically cleared and not be re-encroached.

 However, local authorities still face difficulties in protecting transport infrastructure and handling violations of traffic safety regulations.

 Concluding the conference, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Bui Van Tinh stressed that the implementation of measures to ensure traffic order and safety, and protect transport infrastructure must be determined as a regular task of the political system, local Party Committees and authorities, mass organizations and people. He asked for the renovated dissemination of regulations on ensuring traffic safety and order. The transport sector was required to improve its state management ability of traffic safety, review investment resources for building transport infrastructure and well manage transport corridors and infrastructure.

Bui Van Tinh, member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party Committee also underlined the need for the sector to tighten vehicle management, drivers, vehicle loads; handle hot spots of traffic violations; and propose settlement measures. The provincial epartment of Public Security was asked to coordinate with party committees of districts and Hoa Binh city to take solutions to ensure traffic safety and protect transport infrastructure and corridors.

 Meanwhile, the provincial Department of Construction is responsible for implementing specific guideline for granting construction license for housing projects within traffic safety corridors; and researching and installing traffic safety surveillance camera systems, and handling violations of roadside encroachment.

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