(HBO) - Mr. Bui Thi Thuy, the secretary of the Youth Communist Union of Lac Son District says that the Standing Committee of the District’s Youth Communist Union has focused on volunteering in the place, organizing many activities in the difficult areas, attracting a large number of the young forces to participate through the Movement of the Youth pioneering, volunteering for the community life. It has been agreed by the public and highly appreciated through the peak volunteer campaigns such as:

The Program of Winter volunteer and the Volunteering Spring, "Volunteering for the  environmental protection, responding to the climate change”, "The youth of Lac Son has been joining hands to build a new countryside”, the "Volunteering Saturday” movement, "The Green Sunday”, "The Month of Youth”, "The Campaign of Summer Volunteering Youth” and so on. Not only during the peak periods with campaigns and the major holidays of the year, volunteering activities of youth are always at all times when the society needs.

The volunteers are examining and giving free medicine to the elderly people in Tu Do commune (Lac Son).

With such an orientation and to achieve the goal "The youth of Lac Son has been joining hands to build a new countryside”, right in March – the Month of Youth, the District’s Communist Union chose Tu Do commune, a really difficult highland commune, to launch the Month of Youth and the volunteering campaigns in 2019.

From the volunteering programs in Tu Do commune, the Youth Unions in the district have been carrying out the practical and meaningful activities such as repairing and clearing 35 km of roads; digging and dredging 2 km of drainage ditches and the intra-field ditches; dredging a village well, clearing a stream flow, collecting 5.7 tons of garbage, cleaning the memorial houses, schools, building 5 hygienic toilets and so on.

Along with that, in the first 6 months of the year, the different levels of the Youth Communist Union levels in the district have implemented the movement "Volunteering for the environmental protection, responding to the climate change”. The movement "The Youth of Lac Son has been volunteering to preserve the traffic order and safety" has also been actively implemented

Followed are the volunteering activities to ensure the social security such as "Giving strength to school”, "Giving strength to the exam season”, the community health care for the social security; the activities "Repaying for the honor”, "Drinking water - remembering the source”.

The pioneering activities, volunteering for the community life are changed in a practical manner by the Standing Committee of the District Youth Communist Union to create high efficiency. The active connection between the Youth Communist Unions and the charitable organizations, the sponsors in and outside the province is prominent, creating the resources for volunteering work, caring and supporting materials for the poor people in the locality. Besides, promoting the spirit of pioneering and volunteering, the youth of Lac Son district has actively promoted the programs on the economic development, the poverty reduction and the movement of "The Creation of the Youth”.

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