(HBO) - Locals in Nuoc Ruong village inhabited by Muong ethnic people do not remember when the tradition of hanging the picture of late President Ho Chi Minh (Uncle Ho) on a solemn place near the ancestral altar began. They only know that from the hard time struggling with poverty in the past to the prosperous today, every family in the village has always hung the late leader’s photo.

Nuoc Ruong is home to more than 90 Muong ethnic minority households in Nam Thuong commune, Kim Boi district. Located far from the centre of the commune, Nuoc Ruong was once the poorest village in Nam Thuong. However, in recent years, when difficulties in infrastructure were gradually removed, this mountainous area has strongly developed.

Bui Van Lap, a local in Nuoc Ruong village, Nam Thuong commune of Kim Boi district reminds his descendants to always show gratitude to the Party and Uncle Ho.

It is a fact that any household has an Uncle Ho's image hung on a solemn position. Xiem, a villager, said that since ancient times, people have had a tradition of worshiping ancestors, but he does not know when locals started hanging photos of Uncle Ho in their houses. He just knows that this tradition has existed for a long time. From the past when the economy was still difficult to the present, in every house, Uncle Ho's image has always been present next to the altar of ancestors.

We visited the family of Bui Van Lap, an elderly in the village. Lap said: "Without the Party and Uncle Ho, there is no independence and freedom and our village does not have a good life today. We hang Uncle Ho’s photos to remind our descendents to keep in their mind the services of the Party and Uncle Ho, thus working hard to develop the homeland”.


When he was young, Lap spent six years and 10 months joining the anti-US resistance war. He was also sent to Cambodiafor international missions. In the conversation with us, he highlighted the value of independence, freedom and the leading role of the Party and Uncle Ho.


Lap said with a smile: "In the past, there were no electricity, roads, schools and health stations, so poverty stayed persistently in the village. Now our life has changed a lot thanks to the Party and Uncle Ho.”

Nam Thuong commune has fulfilled all criteria set for a new-style rural area. Nuoc Ruong village had the lowest starting point in the movement. Even though the village is still in the group with lower economic performance, locals in the mountainous locality are still proud. "Before the Party and State launched the new-style rural area building campaign, the road to the village was very small, tough and muddy after rain. Thanks to the implementation of the programme, locals understood that the new-style rural area building aims to better their lives, so they have enthusiastically participated in it by donating land, planting trees and contributing working days. In 2012, Nuoc Ruong became the third village receiving a certificate of merit from the provincial People's Committee for outstanding achievements in building new-style rural area./.


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