(HBO) – As of August 7, all Party organisations under the Party Committee of Hoa Binh province successfully organised Party congresses for the 2020-2025 tenure, meeting requirements set in the Politburo’s Directive No. 35-CT/TW and the province’s guidelines on all-level Party congresses, towards the 17th provincial Party Congress, and the 13th National Party Congress.

The all-level Party congresses put forth targets with specific solutions and programmes that are expected to create breakthroughs and new momentum for local socio-economic development.

The 26thParty Congress of Luong Son district (2020-2025 tenure) was held successfully, setting a goal for Luong Son to become Hoa Binh province’s dynamic economic area.

The new point in the organization of all-level Party congresses this year was the thorough preparations in personnel matters, documents and action programmes submitted to the congresses. The documents accurately reflected the local development situation, as well as the will and aspiration of the local Party organisations and residents.

With natural advantages as a plain area, Lac Thuy district has been included in the province’s key economic region. The political report presented at the district’s 25th Party Congress was prepared carefully and responsibly, defining a clear roadmap for the local Party organisation and residents.

Accordingly, Lac Thuy aims to become one of Hoa Binh’s leading localities by 2025 and a new-style rural district by 2021.

The district Party Committee and its Standing Board approved concrete action programmes to implement the resolution adopted at the congress.

Lac Thuy expects to complete its socio-economic development master plan and the land planning scheme, among others, in order to mobilise investment resources, thus turning itself into an attractive investment destination.

The second Party Congress of Hoa Binh city took place just after the administrative adjustment under the National Assembly’s Standing Committee’s Resolution No. 830, which brought both new problems along with opportunities. The documents and action programmes adopted by the congress have set "revolutionary” targets in infrastructure, budget collection, urbanisation, poverty reduction, and social and environmental affairs, with specific roadmaps.

The city aims to become a Grade-2 urban area, with civilised, synchronous and modern infrastructure, while paying attention to preserving traditional culture, towards becoming a smart urban area and a satellite urban area of Hanoi.

In Luong Son district, the district Party Committee of the just-concluded tenure has completed two important tasks. The district was recognized as a new-style rural district, while Luong Son town and its expanded areas met the standard of Grade-IV urban areas. The locality has also effectively exploited its industrial and agricultural potential.

In the new tenure, Luong Son district has great opportunities to speed up development thanks to its location adjacent to satellite areas of Hanoi and key transport systems of the capital. The locality hopes to benefit from the wave of investment relocation from urban areas to surrounding areas.

The 26th Party congress of Luong Son district defined goals and specific roadmaps with higher determination to enhance the leadership of the Party and the greatnationalunity bloc, effectively mibilise all resources to further promote socio-economic development. 

The locality will continue accelerating economic restructuringin the direction of higher proportion of industry and service, contributing to promoting comprehensive and sustainable development in the district, thus turning it into a dynamic economic region of Hoa Binh. 

Da Bac is the poorest district in the province, with mountainous terrain and difficult transport access. This is the reason why the district faces big difficulties in poverty reduction. The 25th Party congress of Da Bac district defined specific objectives and roadmaps to promote local development.

The locality will try to mobilise resources and investment for infrastructure development, especially transport infrastructure to overcome the isolation. It will also concentrate on developing agriculture, forestry, medicinal plants, cattle breeding, exploiting advantages of lake areas and cultural identity to develop tourism, towards realizing its goal of sustainable poverty reduction. 

Meanwhile, Mai Chau district boasts great potential and strengths for developing tourism associated with new-style rural area building. The 26th congress of the district’s Party organisation for the 2020 – 2025 tenure set a goal to build Mai Chau into an attractive, friendly and safe tourist destination. The local authority has developed a specific action programme to accomplish this goal.

The success of all-level Party congresses in Hoa Binh was thanks to the serious direction of the provincial Party Committee and efforts of Party Committees at all level. 

Regarding drafting documents, for the first time, the province has built a development orientation to 2030 and the following years. On that basis, it set socio-economic development goals as a basis for district-level Party Committees to build orientations and goals. 

The Standing Committee of the provincial Party Committee is directing preparations for the 17th provincial Party Congress, towards creating breakthrough development for the province in the 2020-2025 tenure and the following years./.




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