(HBO) - There is a total of 150 households, 516 people in Tan Binh quarter. Of which, 77% of the households are the civil servants and the retired staff, 23% are the households specializing in services, trading, and agricultural and forestry production.

The Party committees, the authorities and the mass organizations in Tan Binh, Hang Tram town (Yen Thuy) regularly meet and exchange to improve the quality and effectiveness of the movements in the residential community.

Thanks to focusing on promoting production and business with key industries such as trade - services, fruit growing, cattle and poultry husbandry ... the average income in Tan Binh reached 50 million VND per person in 2018, and by 2019 it has increased to 53 million VND per person a year. Now there is only one poor household, and there are 2 near poor households and no temporary and dilapidated houses remain in the quarter. To well implement the motto "The State and People work together”, 100% of the internal and inter-area roads have been concreted, the road corridors are offset and flowers have been grown. The roads are regularly cleaned and kept clear, green and nice.

Since 2008, with the support of the State and the efforts and money contributed by the People, Tan Binh Quarter has built a cultural house and a sports field with an area of 460 m2 and a stage of over 80m2, which have been fully equipped with sound, light, tables and chairs, basically meeting the needs of conferences and the exchanges of performing arts, practicing and playing sports as well as the entertainment activities of teenagers and small children.

The quarter has paid special attention to the comprehensive development for children over the past year. Accordingly, 100% of the children in the school age in Tan Binh go to school and are fully vaccinated. On average, each year, the quarter mobilizes the fund of 4.5 million VND for the Study Promotion, rewarding and encouraging the children with high achievement in study and supporting the children with difficult circumstances so that they can make their best efforts to excel in learning.

To build a happy and healthy life, Tan Binh quarter has built and maintained the club "Family for the sustainable development” and the club "No relatives violating the law”, and the group "Domestic violence prevention” since 2011. At the same time, 10 inter-family self-management groups have been established, with 100% of the households participating, which helps contribute to ensuring the security in the area. From 2015 to 29019 the People in the quarter volunteered to contribute and mobilize donors to donate 70 million VND for consolidation and support the poor households, the families under preferential policies, the students with difficult circumstances and a part of this has been used to upgrade the cultural house in the area.

With these achievements, for 5 consecutive years (2015-2019), Tan Binh has been recognized as a cultural residential area.


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