(HBO) - On December 21st, the Emulation Division of the Fatherland Front and the province's socio-political organizations organized a review of the emulation movement in 2020, implementing the directions and tasks in 2021.

The overview of the summarizing conference.

During the year, the Fatherland Front and other socio-political organizations and the member organizations have effectively promoted the implementation of the emulation movements launched by the Central and the province, especially the movements to welcome the Party congresses at all levels, the 5th provincial Patriotic Congress ... In which, they have been continuing to mobilize and build "The Fund for the Poor”, the Fatherland Front has collected over 14 billion VND. They have supported the construction of 396 new houses of "Great solidarity”, repaired 61 houses for the poor, the near poor families and the families with difficult circumstances in the whole province. They have been mobilizing to support over 12 billion VND for the fund of Covid-19 epidemic. They have coordinated timely allocate the supported resources for the right subjects with many practical and effective forms.

The units in the bloc have launched many emulation waves of their own sectors, and built and replicated the advanced examples in the emulation movements. Typically, the provincial Women's Union implemented the emulation movement "Hoa Binh women work together to build new rural areas, paying attention to implementing the project to support women in starting a business; implementing the model "Hoa Binh women sew face masks for free, joining hands to repel Covid-19 epidemic”, mobilizing women to sew more than 122,000 face masks worth over 820 million VND. The provincial Farmers' Association has been standing out in the movement of building new rural areas with the total value of over 11.2 billion VND contributing to the construction of new rural areas. The Veterans’ Association has promoted the deployment of the effective models to participate in building new rural areas such as: "Lighting up the country road”, "The house of team love” ...

The Labor Confederation and Trade Union of all levels of the province have had many practical supporting solutions and policies to reduce difficulties for laborers. In particular, more than 270 union members and workers affected by Covid-19 epidemics have been supported by over 1.1 billion VND. The Provincial Youth Communist Union continues to coordinate, promote and improve the quality of the emulation campaigns and movements. They focus on propaganda to support the funds "For the Poor”, "Repaying for the Favor”, "Preventing the natural disasters”, with the total amount of 13.2 million VND. The whole province has implemented 2 youth projects at provincial level, 48 projects at the district level, 82 projects, 420 works of youth at the grassroots level, attracting more than 22,000 turns of youth union members.

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The Provincial Party Standing Committee’s directions on draft reports of poverty alleviation and environmental protection

(HBO) - On December 28, Ngo Van Tuan, Member of Party Central Committee, Secretary of Provincial Party Standing Committee (PPSC), Head of Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Deputies presided over the monthly Standing Committee’s meeting to direct on draft reports of environmental protection, sustainable poverty alleviation along with the performance reviews and appraisals of the Standing Committee and its members in 2021.

3 new party cells established in non-state enterprises in 2021

(HBO) - Pursuant to Directive 38-CT/TU on October 29, 2014 by the Provincial Standing Committee on strengthening party building work in non-state enterprises, creative and effective measures have been proactively adopted by party, administrative and mass organizations of all levels in Hoa Binh province in 2021.

Mass mobilization’s transforming impact in ethnic minority areas

(HBO) - Various ethnic minority groups coexist in the mountainous province of Hoa Binh. Therefore local party institutions, government and armed forces all strive to improve their living conditions and well-being, physically and spiritually. Positive changes in ethnic minority areas resulted from successful mass mobilization attributed to participation of the entire political system.

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(HBO) - Recent achievements and results by the provincial police units originated from prioritizing mass mobilization as an essential part as well as the foundation for building the movement "All people safeguard Fatherland security”.

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(HBO) – In accordance with Resolution No.21-NQ/TW on October 25, 2017 by 12th Party Central Committee about population works in the new situation, the province’s population works in recent years have been promoted, gradually changing policy focus from population and family planning (P-FP) to population and development. Provincial population quality has been improved. Family size of two children is increasingly acceptable to most couples, natural population growth rate decreased by almost 1%, gender ratio at birth cut down to 116.6 males/100 females.