(HBO) - Whenever there is a need or problem, the people who are elected by the people as the prestigious people in Doc Lap upland commune (Hoa Binh city) meet with the local party committees and the authorities to discuss and find solutions. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Que, the Chairman of the Communal People's Committee, says: The prestigious people of the hamlets are also "the bridges” contributing to bring the Party's lines and policies, the policies and laws of the State into the life of the People.

The contingent of the prestigious people from the hamlets come to meet the leaders of Doc Lap Communal People's Committee (Hoa Binh City) to exchange and grasp more about the implementing the policies of the Party and the State.

Among the prestigious people of the hamlets, Mr. Dinh Van Minh from Can hamlet has been the most seniority, and he is also responsible for the Secretary of the village's Party Cell. Mr. Minh says: In the propaganda and advocacy to be heard by the people, the prestigious people must be exemplary. For example, in the economic development, restructuring plants and animals, the prestigious people must take the lead so that the other people follow. With the specific agricultural area, husbandry and cultivation are the main occupations of over 90% of the total households. In the past 5 years, the area converted from rice cultivation to zucchini, vegetables has been expanding, the lives of more than 100 households in the hamlet have been greatly improved. Livestock has also shifted from self-sufficiency and self-supply to commercial goods. By 2020, the village's per capita income is over 25 million VND a person every year, reducing the number of the poor households with only 7, and their dilapidated houses have been erased. The people's life in the village is the most prosperous compared to the life of the other hamlets in the commune. In addition, all the Party’s Directives and Resolutions have been effectively deployed and implemented to the people.

After the merger, there are 170 households with 730 people, who are mainly Muong and Dao ethnic groups in Muong Dao village. The material life of many households in the village is still difficult. This is also a concern for Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuong, who has been elected as a prestigious person in the village. Since 2018, in collaboration with the Party Committee and the local authorities, Mr. Tuong has propagated and mobilized the people to implement the resolutions of the communal Party Committee on crop restructuring, focusing on building zones for growing commercial zucchini, cassava and maize. Thanks to that, the village's economy gradually prospered, the average per capita income has reached 22 million VND a person every year, and the number of the poor household decreased to 20. Mr. Tuong is also a core member of the conciliation team. He always actively participates in law dissemination and education and resolves conflicts at grassroots such as marriage and family, and disputes on the real estate administrative boundary among the households ...

In the commune, there are 6 hamlets with 621 households, 2,888 people, of which Muong ethnic people account for 90.82%, the rest are Dao and Kinh groups. According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Que, the Chairman of the Communal People's Committee, over the past years, 6 out of 6 prestigious local people have promoted their role in propagandizing and mobilizing the people to abide the guidelines and policies of the Party, the policies and laws of the State. They are also the closest people in propagating and encouraging the households being benefited from the ethnic policies and projects to take the full advantage of the capital and support, escaping from poverty. The average income of the commune is 24 million VND a person every year, the number of the poor household has decreased to 14.79%. With the words of the prestigious people, the People of the ethnic groups has been uniting, making efforts to implement the emulation movements and the campaigns. Notably, in the construction of a new countryside, Can, Noi, Song, and Muong Dao hamlets have planted flowers at the roads to create a green - clean - beautiful environment, model residential area. By 2020, 84.4% of the total number of households have achieved the title of the cultural family, reaching 109.6% of the plan, 6 out of the 6 hamlets have been maintaining the standards of the cultural village.  

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