(HBO) - Promoting the youthfulness and the enthusiasm in the movement “The Youth have been shocking and volunteering for the community life”, the Communist Youth Union of Vu Ban town (Lac Son) have concretized many rich and diversified activities, attracting the participation of the members of the union and the young people.

The Communist Youth Union of Vu Ban town (Lac Son) are planting trees, building a green - clean - beautiful environment.

In Vu Ban town there are 920 youth people, including 180 members of the Communist Youth Union, participating in 18 branches. In 2020, the town’s Communist Youth Union has organized the effective implementation of the Winter Volunteer, the Spring Volunteer, the Green Sunday, etc., attracting more than 50 members to participate in voluntary cleaning and collecting garbage, cleaning the village roads and alleys; planting 30 trees to create the shade, creating a fresh landscape and environment; building a flower road in Voi hamlet with the length of 40 m with the participation of 70 youth members. They coordinated with Lac Son District’s Communist Youth Union to launch the pilot model "The Club of 0 VND” on the 2nd of every month to donate clothes and supplies to the poor in the area.

Facing the complicated development of Covid-19 epidemic, the town's Communist Youth Union has coordinated with the appropriate departments, agencies, unions and residential areas to organize 5 integrated propaganda sessions at the residential meetings. They have guided the measures to prevent the epidemics. They have also coordinated with the district’s Communist Youth Union to distribute 2,000 face masks for free, 500 leaflets on the disease prevention and control. They have set up a team of "Youth volunteering to support and respond to Covid-19 epidemics in Vu Ban town”, which consists of 12 members. The specific tasks are to propagandize and support the people to install Bluezone applications, the measures to prevent and control epidemics; participating in key points to measure body temperature, make medical reports for people returning to their localities before, during and after the Lunar New Year.

In the field of economic development, the town’s youth members have been exploring and learning economic models which are suitable to the actual conditions at the grassroots to increase the income and improve the quality of life. In the whole town there are 5 members of the Communist Youth Union doing business well with the average income of nearly 100 million a year, which mainly are the development of raising pig and chicken, planting fruit trees ... In addition, a number of the members of the Communist Youth Union have been making the use of their potentials and the he advantage of being the district's socio-economic center to develop service business models.

In addition to the economic development, shocking and volunteering activities for the community life, the town’s Communist Youth Union has also been caring and creating a useful playground for children. The youth football training center was established by the town’s Communist Youth Union has coordinated with other organizations and philanthropists to gather more than 60 teenagers and children of all ages participating in football practice to improve their health. and at the same time to recruit and foster the child talents.

Mr. Bui Ngoc Son, the Secretary of the town’s Communist Youth Union, says: "Implementing the movement" "the Youth have been shocking, volunteering for the community life”, the town’s Communist Youth Union will continue to promote the results that have been achieved in the coming time. Many grassroots activities will be maintained. We will take care and help the poor households, the families under the preferential policies... We will also create opportunities to help the members of the Communist Youth Union to have stable jobs and develop a variety of business services. Thereby, it will continue to assert the youth's impulsive role in building an increasingly rich, beautiful and civilized homeland”.

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