(HBO) – The 19th Luong Son district People’s Council, for the 2016 - 2021 tenure, held the 17th meeting, an extraordinary event, to elect an additional member to the council and consider investment in infrastructure in areas that will have their land use rights auctioned, capital construction investment projects, and supplements to the 2021 public investment list.

An overview of the meeting.

Deputies of the Luong Son People’s Council scrutinised and approved 18 proposals submitted by the district People’s Committee on the revision and supplementation of some contents in Resolution No 28/NQ-HDND, issued by the district People’s Council on December 17 last year, regarding the local budget spending plan for 2021 the 2021 public investment plan; and the list of projects in the medium-term public investment plan for 2021 - 2025.

In particular, they looked into six proposals on the investment of infrastructure at some areas that will have their land use rights auctioned, along with nine others on the investment in nine construction projects funded by public capital. These are important infrastructure projects expected to help fuel sustainable socio-economic development in Luong Son, thereby creating momentum for the district to become a district-level town by 2025 as targeted in the resolution of the Hoa Binh provincial Party Congress.

At the meeting, the district People’s Council also relieved Nguyen Thi Minh from her post as vice chairwoman of the council’s board for ethnic affairs in the 2016-2021 tenure as she has assumed a new duty.

By secret ballot, participants unanimously elected Nguyen Thi Minh, head of the district’s division for agriculture and rural development, to the district People’s Committee for the 2016 – 2021 tenure./.

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