(HBO) - In just a few days, the election of the members of the Congress for the 17th National Assembly and the People's Councils at all levels for the term of 2021-2026 will officially take place. The voters in the upland communes of Ngoc Son, Ngoc Lau and Tu Do of Lac Son district are jubilantly looking forward to the "Festival of All People's”.

The voters of Ngoc Son upland commune (Lac Son) are coming to the voting sites to find out the information about candidates and to see the names of voters that have been posted.

The atmosphere in the upland communes and villages is bustling, being filled with the red flags with yellow stars, the banners, the slogans, the billboards, the posters propagandizing about the election day. The national flags have been hungin every house. The loudspeaker system of the communes and the hamlets has been active operation, broadcasting the information about the election at two certain time points in the morning and in the afternoon. In addition, the work of information and propaganda is also enhanced by the operation of the district's mobile communication vehicles, especially when the election day is coming.

In the early days of May, together with the other communes and the town in the district, 3 upland communes including Ngoc Son, Ngoc Lau, Tu Do have completed listing and posting voters' lists. A creative, economical and effective way to list short biographies of candidates and the voter lists of 3 communes have been covered with plastic to avoid tearing, damaging, which is hard to see. According to Mr. Bui Van Hung, the voter of Cha hamlet, Ngoc Son commune, due to the upland climate with many fogs, there are òten rains and storms in this season, so the application of the methods of the Party committee and the local government makes the lists of the voters and candidates clear, and they are not blurred or torn by storms.

Mr. Bui Van Hyun, the Chairman of the Election Committee of Ngoc Son commune says: the preparation for the election in the locality has been basically completed. All the voters in the hamlets are fully counted and listed. The total number of voters is 1,912, including 910 male voters and 1,002 female voters. The ballot boxes at 6 voting points have been ready, each area has 1 main ballot box, 1 auxiliary ballot box and 1 mobile ballot box as prescribed. The voting areas have actively developed plans to prevent and control Covid-19 epidemic, preparing the isolation rooms, the hand-washing and disinfecting areas, implementing the distance, mobilizing 1-2 body temperature measuring devices to serve the election day.

For Tu Do and Ngoc Lau communes, after completing the preparation for the election and mastering the contents, these communes are continuing to promote the information and the propaganda in many forms from billboards, propaganda broadcasting posters, using radio speakers to propagate and campaigning by word through the reputable people in the residential areas such as the village’s elders, party cell secretaries, and the chairman of the village. Mr. Bui Van Khuyen, the Deputy the Secretary of the Central Party, the Chairman of the Election Committee of Ngoc Lau commune says: The facilities and the necessary conditions for the election have been ensured according to regulations. At the 5 voting points we have made 1 main ballot box, 1 secondary ballot box, and 1 mobile ballot box. The voters are quite convenient when voting because the voting places are usually at the cultural houses of residential areas.

The situation of security and order in the district in general, the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic in the three upland communes in particular have been stable and maintained. The people of the highlands have well implemented the 5K message. All the communes have implemented the plans to spray disinfectant, preparing medical masks, and antiseptic solutions at voting points. Mr. Bui Van Quang, the voter of Mu hamlet, Tu Do commune excitedly shared: Although the conditions in the highlands are difficult, the voters understand that this is an important event, as well as their responsibilities for their vote through information and propaganda. We are counting every day and the candidates we choose are definitely virtuous and talented, especially they will pay specail attention to the lives of the ethnic minorities and the people in poor communes.



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