(HBO) - In the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemics in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), which greatly affects the socio-economic development, and directly affects the people's life, especially the disadvantaged groups of people, the self-employed people, and responding to the call of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and the urgent and drastic direction of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party; promoting the tradition of solidarity, mutual affection, mutual love, on August 6th, the Provincial Fatherland Front issued a call to support goods and necessities to support the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemics in Ho Chi Minh City. The time to support was until August 10th at the headquarters of the Provincial Fatherland Front.

Standing Board of Provincial Fatherland Front are receiving support for the prevention and control of Covid-19 pandemics in Ho Chi Minh City from the Business Associations of Mai Chau District

Responding to the call of the Provincial Fatherland Front, many units, businesses, individuals and families in the province promptly joined hands to support in a short time. In particular, businesses and the Provincial Business Association promoted their social responsibility, donating more than 80 tons of rice and many other essential goods to Ho Chi Minh City. Many 100% foreign-invested enterprises in the province such as R Vietnam Technical Research Ltd. Company, Bandai ... also immediately supported. Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hao, the Chairwoman of the Provincial Women’s Entrepreneurs Association said: As soon as the Fatherland Front issued the call, the businesswomen alone bought 14 tons of pumpkin, instant noodles, cooking oil, seasoning seeds and rented a car to transport. That was the heart and the affection of Hoa Binh people to the people in the South.

The leaders of the Provincial Fatherland Front are receiving goods to support the prevention and control of Covid-19 pandemics in Ho Chi Minh City from Doc Lap commune (Hoa Binh city)

Not only enterprises, but the residential areas and localities in the province also agreed to support. Regardless of the ethnicity, the religion, the social class, from the mountainous communes with many difficulties to the families and the units in the central areas, from the officials, the people of Yen Thuy district, Kim Boi district to Cao Phong and other districts enthusiastically participated with the heart sharing "One piece when hungry is equal to one packet when full”. Those who had money contributed money to buy rice, instant noodles, those who grew pumpkins contributed pumpkins, those who grew peanuts contributed peanuts… All of them with a spirit of solidarity are towards beloved Ho Chi Minh City. The convoy of trucks carrying goods and necessities one after another were arriving at the headquarters of the Provincial Fatherland Front, which was emotional and warm-hearted.

The soldiers of the Reconnaissance Company (the Provincial Military Headquarters) are loading and unloading rice to support the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemics in Ho Chi Minh City.

The chairman of the Fatherland Front of Doc Lap commune (Hoa Binh city) Nguyen Van Hai confided: Being a highland commune, people's life is still difficult, the time to support was urgent, but it was very touching when the people enthusiastically supported. The farmers made their own agricultural products, everyone contributed whatever they had. Even when the old man heard information on the loudspeaker from the neighborhood for support, he went to the garden to cut the bnches of bananas, and he told his children to go to the fields to cut zucchini and load them. Some people even collected green papaya, pumpkin… The whole commune supported over 1.8 tons of tubers and fruits since the morning of August 9th.

The people in the center of Hoa Binh city were busy collecting rice, instant noodles, fish sauce, cooking oil... In the cultural houses of the hamlets, the communes and the wards people were busy packing, porting, driving to transport them. Ms. Dang Kim Uyen from group 13, Dong Tien ward touchedly said: Although Hoa Binh - Ho Chi Minh City are geographically far away, they share the same homeland, which is close and dear! I myself contributed 5 loads of rice, the people in the group also contributed the amount of goods and necessities that had to be transported by 3 small trucks.

As an area where many peanuts are grown, the people and officials in Yen Thuy district donated 1 ton of peanuts and 250 bottles of peanut oil. Other districts also contributed rice, sesame, dried fish, dried bamboo shoots... Many other agencies, units and schools in the province such as Hoa Binh Newspaper, Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Provincial Public Security, Department of Justice... joined hands to support. Therefore, the more difficult it is, the more the spirit of solidarity, compassion, care and sharing of the people of all ethnic groups in Hoa Binh province shines.

The people in the Standing Committee and the officials of the Provincial Fatherland Front directly received the supporting goods. The soldiers of the Reconnaissance Company (the Provincial Ministry Heaquarters) cooperated with the officers of the Fatherland Front to load, pack and classify goods. In the hot weather, the sweat soaked the clothes, however, the eyes of the officers and the soldiers still reflected the joy of contributing a part of their strength to the South. "Assigned the task, although the task of the porter is tiring due to the large amount of goods, I feel very happy and meaningful!” – the soldier Bui Trong Luan from the Reconnaissance Company (the Provincial Military Headquarters) shared.

Although the campaign to support goods and necessities for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemics in Ho Chi Minh City took place in a short time, it was a great success. Over 370 tons of goods and necessities were gathered at the headquarters of the provincial Fatherland Front and on August 11th they were departed for Ho Chi Minh City. The chairman of the Provincial Party Committee's Commission for Mass Mobilization, the Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front, Mr. Bui Tien Luc affirmed: The support results are a beautiful symbol of the great national solidarity and the deep affection of Hoa Binh province with Ho Chi Minh City. It is sincerely thankful for all the support and contributions from the officials and the people of all ethnic groups in the province. It is hoped that the people of Ho Chi Minh City firmly believe in and well implement the measures to prevent and control the pandemics and soon overcome difficulties.

Hoa Binh always looks towards Ho Chi Minh City. The provincial delegation of 26 health workers has been still working hard to take samples for testing in the community, isolation and blockade areas in District 5 since July 21st. Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong, the Director of the Provincial Sub-Department of Population and Family Planning, the Head of the delegation confided: Although we constantly have to wear protective suits in hot weather, there are days we work through noon, but all the members of the delegation are still warm-hearted. In 20 working days in Ho Chi Minh City, we have been taking samples for more than 35,000 people, of which, over 2,200 cases have been positive for SARS-CoV-2. Although the work is dangerous and the return date has not yet been set, everyone is still very determined and we wish to continue contributing to the city named after Uncle Ho so that they will win the epidemics.

It is so touched to meet the supporters, the cadres and the soldiers carrying the load, listening to the sharing of the health workers in the province far from home, it is so touched! In the midst of being busy arranging goods, hearing in the space the song "Who loves the South like the heart of the North / Is there a love that is loyal and loyal / like the heart of the North towards the South / How many mountains, how many rivers, so much love...” The more the spirit of solidarity, gratitude is felt, the deep "love” of Hoa Binh for Ho Chi Minh City.

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