(HBO) - With the desire to help the children having difficult circumstances in the area to rise up in life, to continue studying, to train and nurture their dreams, the Board of Directors of Hoa Binh Communist Youth Union has developed a model of "The Adopted Cousin of the Communist Youth Union”, empowering the poor children to go to school. This is a job with the profound humane meaning, promoting the tradition of "mutual love and affection”, "the leaves protect tattered ones”. At the same time, it shows the attention of all levels of the Communist Youth Union and Team in caring and educating children, helping them gain more will and faith to live well and build beautiful dreams in the future.  


The Communist Youth Union of Hoa Binh City is giving a desk to Dinh Tuyen Duong, a student of class 5A, Thai Thinh Semi-boarding High School.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Tu, the Secretary of the Communist Youth Union of Hoa Binh City says: Through grasping the information, it is known that Nguyen Thuy Linh, a third-grade student from Cu Chinh Lan High School and Secondary School has a particularly difficult situation. The family belongs to a poor household, the parents divorced when she was small, the mother left to work far away. Currently, she lives with her father who is mentally ill and is no longer able to work. Linh has repeatedly faced the risk of having to drop out of school. Although the situation is difficult, Linh is very hardworking and studies well.

Dinh Tuyen Duong, a student of class 5A from Thai Thinh Semi-boarding High School, also has a very sad situation. Duong's father unfortunately passed away early due to an accident, he himself was born with a congenital disease. His mother has to take care of the whole family by herself. Although his family situation is especially difficult, he always tries his best in studying, training and actively participating in the activities the Pioneer Club. He has been a student with excellent results in study and training for many years.

Faced with the two students’ situation, the city’s Board of Directors of Communist Youth Union directed Thai Binh ward's Communist Youth Union to build and launch the city-level model of "The Adopted Cousin of the Communist Youth Union” in Thai Binh ward. In the frame of the program, the city’s Board of Directors of Communist Youth Union and the leaders of the Party Committee of Thai Binh ward visited, encouraged and gave gifts to the 2 students. In the first step, the city’s Board of Directors of Communist Youth Union has given each child a desk and a bicycle to serve their study and life. At the same time, the Communist Youth Union of Thai Binh Ward supports children from 150-200 thousand VND to buy food and essential food. Every month. On the occasion of the new school year, the Children's Day, the Lunar New Year... there will be more encouragement gifts. The support takes place in stages and it lasts until their lives are less difficult. Besides, in addition to receiving support from Thai Binh Ward’s Communist Youth Union, Linh and Duong are also supported by the union’s members and youths and young people, who often visit, share, encourage as well as teach, help them to rise up in life.

"The Adopted Cousin of the Communist Youth Union” model is a meaningful activity, showing the companionship with students and children having difficult circumstances. Thereby, it clearly demonstrates the role of companion, care and education for the young peole of the Communist Youth Union. This model also helps young people multiply their compassion, contributing to educating the union’s members and young people to listen and share with difficult situations. According to the Secretary of Hoa Binh City’s Communist Youth Union, the Board of Directors of Hoa Binh City’s Communist Youth Union has directed the replication of the model throughout the Communist Youth Union with the motto that each branch of the Communist Youth Union takes care of sponsoring at least one child having dificult circumstance with a specific address. In order to maintain that model, the Board of Directors of the City’s Communist Youth Union suggests that the Communist Youth organizations actively build funds in various forms, calling on the benefactors, the businesses, and mobilizing contributions from the officials and the union’s members at the Youth Union premises. It is nêcsary to organize many activities to undertake projects and tasks to raise funds. Besides providing material support, it is recommended that the Communist Youth organizations regularly visit and encourage the children in life, and provide timely, useful and practical support so that they can overcome difficulties to become good children and good students.

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