(HBO) – With the patriotic tradition, Hoa Binh officials and locals are striving to change the way of thinking and exerting efforts to complete the dual targets of preventing the spreading of COVID-19 and boosting socio-economic development at the same time, thus realising the resolution of the 17th provincial Party Congress and building a prosperous land.

A corner of the commercial centre in the left bank of Da River in Hoa Binh city.

In autumn 76 years ago, following the call of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh, people in Hoa Binh rose up to overthrow the colonial and feudal administration and regain the ownership of the country and their destiny.

Since the National Day of that year, in many localities across the province, people have made the National Day  their Independence Festival.

The landscape in Hoa Binh and the living conditions of locals have seen great changes through the years. From a low starting point,  Hoa Binh has risen up to catch up with the country's reform cause. The province has completed the majority of targets set in the resolution of the 16th provincial Party Congress. The infrastructure system has been developed, while locals have gained increasing benefits from policies from the Party and State.

The average per capita income of locals has been higher than the average level in the northern mountainous region. Hoa Binh has been leading the region in new-style rural area building. In recent years, the province has drawn billions of USD in investment in projects in tourism, ecological urban and industrial areas.

The standing board of the provincial Party Committee has reformed its operations for higher efficiency in implementing the dual targets in preventing the spreading of COVID-19 and boosting socio-economic development at the same time with fruitful results.

The province has recorded positive achievements socio-economic development in the first six months of this year with gross regional domestic product (GRDP) hitting about 16.1 percent. Of which, contributions of agro-forestry-fisheries were 19.92 percent, industry-construction 44.45 percent, services 30.55 percent, tax collection 5.08 percent.

The development planning of province as well as sectors is in the making, while e-commerce activities and postal and insurance services have seen big leaps, optimising the advantages of the province amid the pandemic situation which hindered traditional trade activities.

Meanwhile, trade promotion activities have been strengthened in a more effective and practical manner. Many policies have been designed to support investors and businesses. Many investors have shown interest in Hoa Binh’s urban development and tourism sectors. At the same time, progress has also been seen in socio-cultural activities, while defence and security have been ensured and social security, order and safety has been maintained.

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Cao Phong township steps up administrative reform

(HBO) - Aware of the importance of administrative reform, the authorities of Cao Phong township, Cao Phong district, have established a one-stop section for receiving applications for administrative procedures and returning processing results. This section, equipped with modern equipment and software and connected with the district People’s Committee and provincial departments and sectors in all fields, has helped reduce the time needed for handling procedures for organisations and individuals.

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(HBO) – The Party Committee of Kim Boi commune, a poor commune in Kim Boi district of Hoa Binh with the majority of population being ethnic minority people, has defined the improvement of its leadership capacity in all aspects of locals’ living conditions as its top mission. The committee has set a target of expanding the Party membership with high capacity and ethics and high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm.

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(HBO) – The standing board of the Hoa Binh Party Committee, on September 10, organised a webinar on digital transformation.

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(HBO) – Villages and hamlets in the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh have been connected to the national power grid, serving their local people's lives and production and helping them overcome poverty and build new-style rural areas.

A visit to former Muong Diem revolutionary base

(HBO) - As one of four important revolutionary bases of Hoa Binh province in the resistance war against French colonialists, Muong Diem revolutionary base (now in Da Bac District’s Trung Thanh commune) with the main task of building and training revolutionary armed forces, has made important contributions to the victory of the uprising to seize power in August 1945 of the local army and people.