(HBO) - On December 28, Ngo Van Tuan, Member of Party Central Committee, Secretary of Provincial Party Standing Committee (PPSC), Head of Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Deputies presided over the monthly Standing Committee’s meeting to direct on draft reports of environmental protection, sustainable poverty alleviation along with the performance reviews and appraisals of the Standing Committee and its members in 2021.

Ngo Van Tuan, Member of Party Central Committee, Secretary of Provincial Party Standing Committee, Head of Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Deputies delivers the closing remarks.

The meeting included discussions and directions for the statement of the Provincial People’s Committee’s Party Civil Affairs Committee, the draft reports and conclusions by PPSC on initial reviews after 5 years of implementing the Resolution No. 11-NQ/TU dated December 30, 2016 on intensifying local pollution control and environmental protection toward 2020 and vision toward 2025 (Res.11). Accordingly, Res.11 has resulted in remarkable changes in province-wide environmental protection; state management strengthened; polluting sources and polluted areas controlled… Discussions focused on analyzing, elaborating the achievements and highlighting the shortcomings, especially the urgent issues of great concernto the people, like rural and agricultural pollution situation, problems in implementing environmental protection regulations, as well as recommendations for future solutions.

In his closing remarks, Ngo Van Tuan reiterated the essential significance of environmental protection work in realizing the 17th Provincial Party Congress Resolution that emphasized on greener, rapid, sustainable growth, adopting the consistent guideline of avoiding to pursue economic growth at expense of the environment. Upholding that spirit, more work should be performed in checking, evaluating, analyzing the causes of successes and failures, learning from experience, recommending the specific solutions in compliance with practical conditions and viability prospects. 

These include special focus for planning work, planning management, thorough measures to abolish polluters; providing investment preferences to environment-friendly businesses; dealing with consumers’ pollutants in Hoa Binh City and towns as well as other rural areas; practicing strict monitoring of stone quarries and construction materials businesses; attaching great importance to the roles by state and local authorities in advocating, mobilizing, supervising environmental regulations./.

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(HBO) - According to the proposal of the consulting unit - the Vietnam Construction and Planning Consulting joint Stock Company, the project to adjust the general planning of Hoa Binh city to 2045 is a step to bring the province's policy into life. Hoa Binh city is envisioned as a new and dynamic city which can become an attractive destination, and a worth-living, working and relaxation place.

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(HBO) – The standing board of Tan Lac district’s Party Committee has seriously implemented the resolution of the 10th Party Central Committee’s fifth plenum, basically meeting its requirements, particularly in reforming the local Party leadership of Party agencies, the administration, the Vietnam Fatherland Front and mass organisations, said Vice Secretary Bui Van Tinh.