(HBO) – Kim Boi district had the honour to welcome then President Ho Chi Minh on September 19, 1964. His thoughtful instructions and teachings at that time became a source of support and the lodestar for the local Party organisation, administration, and people to exert efforts and obtain today’s achievements.

 Party members and young people visit the place where President Ho Chi Minh visited the Kim Boi Party Committee on September 19, 1964.

At the time of the President’s visit, the Party organisation of Kim Boi district had been established just over five years but also initially gained encouraging results in implementing the first five-year plan (1961 - 1965).

Determined to follow the leader’s teachings, the district’s Party organisation devised many tasks and measures to join local residents in surmounting difficulties, stepping up production, and ensuring combat readiness.

Under the local Party organisation’s leadership, people of all ethnic groups have brought into play the solidarity tradition to turn Kim Boi from a poor district into a locality with strong potential in terms of economic, social, cultural, and defence - security aspects.

Nguyen Van Xieng, Standing Deputy Secretary of the district Party Committee, said the Kim Boi Party organisation comprises 43 grassroots Party cells and organisations at present. Following President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings, the district has upheld the spirit of exerting utmost efforts to do all the things supported by the Party and people.

He noted that to help boost digital transformation, local authorities have coordinated with the branches of the Viettel Post joint Stock Company and the Vietnam Post Corporation in Hoa Binh province to open eight training courses for 425 officials, civil servants, heads of the farmers’ unions, agriculture cadres, leaders of enterprises and cooperatives, along with farming households. They have been equipped with basic skills in selling agricultural products on e-marketplaces.

In 2022, Kim Boi reached 17 of the 18 set targets, including an economic growth rate of some 14.3%, per capita income of 43 million VND (over 1,800 USD), and the household poverty rate brought down to 17.61%. It also recorded improvements in the fields of culture, education, and health care.

Last year, the district recognised and re-recognised six schools meeting national standards. Meanwhile, all the 17 communal-level localities met the national criteria for health care, and 100% of local households gained access to electricity.

Local officials and residents also actively and fruitfully engaged in the campaign that encourages all people to stay united to build new-style rural areas and civilised cities. The political security and social order and safety were also maintained, according to Xieng.

For 2023, Kim Boi set up 18 main targets, including production value growth of 14.4%, per capita income of 45 million VND, the State budget collection of 413 billion VND, and the household poverty rate reduced to 13.7%./.

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