(HBO) - Along with strengthening leadership and well implementing socio-economic and cultural development tasks, Cao Phong district’s Party organisation has paid special attention to the work of building the Party, administration and political system, thus meeting requirements and tasks in the new situation.

Staff of the single-window unit in Nam Phong commune (Cao Phong) handles administrative procedures for people. 

The district Party organisation has 25 subordinate Party organisations with nearly 4,000 Party members. Determined to build a strong political system right at the grassroots, it always focuses on ideological and political education, and disseminations on the Party's resolutions and directives at all levels; innovating the working style and practices of Party committees, authorities and mass organisations at all levels. 

Attention has been also paid to building and strengthening the grassroots Party organisations through concertedly implementing measures to improve their leadership capacity and combat strength, improving the quality of activities of Party committees and P)arty cells, reviewing and consolidating the grassroots Party organisation model in accordance with regulations and the actual situation of the locality, and renewing and increasing the quality of communication work and promoting the dissemination of the Party's resolutions in a practical, effective and suitable way. 

The Party organisation focuses on leading the improvement of the quality of activities of all-level People's Councils and People's Committees, associations and unions; strengthening administrative discipline, and improving the working style and behaviour of officials and civil servants. As a result, the Provincial Administrative Reform Index (PAR Index), and Department & District Competitiveness Index (DDCI) and Satisfaction Index of Public Administration Services (SIPAS) have basically been improved. The number of grassroots agencies and authorities successfully completing their tasks reached 88.89% in 2020, and 100% in 2021 and 2022. 

Upholding the achieved results, Cao Phong district has paid attention to building a clean, strong and comprehensive political system, implementing concerted solutions to build a district with rapid and sustainable development, and meeting new-style rural district criteria.

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