The Party Committee of Pa Co commune (Mai Chau) has 10 Party cells with a total of 232 members. Determining that the development of Party membership plays an important role in improving the leadership capacity and combat strength of the Party organisation, in recent times, the commune Party Committee has continuously innovated leadership methods and proactively increased the number of Party members, contributing to building a clean and strong Party Committee.

Development of Party membership always receives due attention from Party Committee of Pa Co commune (Mai Chau). In the photo: Party membership admission ceremony at Cha Day Party cell.

To well implement the development of Party membership, the commune Party Committee has fostered political and ideological education, raised revolutionary awareness for the masses, well promoted the role of the fatherland front and unions in participating in building a clean and strong Party. The commune Party Committee has actively carried out dissemination work to raise awareness of the Party's position, role and ideals of local people, especially youths in hamlets.

In addition, Party cells take the initiative in fostering outstanding individuals and discovering good examples, and have plans to assign Party members to monitor, help, and create conditions for them to have opportunities to strive to join the Party. With the awareness of where to do well in increasing the number of new Party members, the grassroots Party organisation will be firmly consolidated, the Party's leadership role will be strengthened, and the relationship between the people and Party committees and authorities will be improved continuously, the commune Party Committee have developed plans and assigned specific targets on the development of Party membership for each affiliated cell.

With flexible solutions in implementing Party development work, since the beginning of the year, the commune Party Committee has admitted 12 new members, four higher than the set target. Pa Co is also the only commune in Mai Chau district to exceed the target as of the end of October.

Sung A Mang, Secretary of the Pa Co commune Party Committee, said the Party Committee has issued a thematic resolution and increased education for the masses and union members so that they can see their responsibility and enthusiastically participate in studying and emulating. It has also assigned Party organisations and members to help outstanding individuals deserve to join the Party, thus contributing to strengthening the force and building a clean and solid grassroots Party organisation. By the end of 2023, the commune will continue to admit two more elite people to the Party.

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