(HBO) - From a locality with many difficulties, Toan Son commune (Da Bac district) has completed 11 out of the 19 criteria set in the National Target Programme on New-style Rural Area Building thanks to joint efforts by the local community and the support of State. This marks a drastic change of awareness of the locality’s Party organisation, administration and people.

By promoting the grassroots-level democracy, Toan Son commune (Da Bac district) has covered over 70 percent of its rural roads with concrete, making it easy for local residents to travel and transport goods.


Many communication campaigns have been launched to raise public awareness of the significance and benefits of the new-style rural area building programme, with different methods such as using loudspeaker systems, organising conferences and meetings, and encouraging the participation of locals, thus helping create noticeable changes of both awareness and actions. Taking the traffic as a key task, from 2011 to 2016, the commune has called on  local people to donate 30 hectares of, contribute over 500 million VND and thousands of working days.

 In 2017, people in the villages of Tra, Phu, Ranh and Truc Son donated 2.9 hectares of arable land, and over 24.9 hectares of forest land to build inter-village roads and those to production areas with 4,200 working days.

In the first six months of 2018, local people contributed 5,000 sq.m of production land to build a road to Tan Son Hamlet’s production area, raising the rate of concreted road to more than 70 percent and completing Criterion No. 2 of traffic, facilitating transportation in the commune.

From 2015 up to no, local people have twice a year proactively cleaned the inter-commune road from Truc Son and Toan Son communes to Bua Rong of Hien Luong commune with a total length of 15km.

With the unanimity from the people, the commune has achieved important results in the n
ew-style rural area building programme. At present, two-thirds of schools in the commune have been rated as national-standard ones; and 98 percent of households use electricity frequently and safely.

The commune has done away with temporary and dilapidated houses; the rate of universal education reached 100 percent ; 95 percent of households had access to clean water; 4 out of the 5 villages had communal houses and 78 percent of households had been awarded the title of cultural family.


 In order to increase the income and reduce the rate of poor households, the communal authorities have encouraged local residents to actively change their crop structure.

Prior to 2011, the people mainly grew rice. But since then, the area of rice has shifted to high-yield vegetables, fruit trees and other crops, including 30 ha of white sugarcane in Rau village; 71 ha of citrus fruits in Tra, Truc Son, and Tan Son villages (up 25 ha compared to 2017); the area of fishponds in Phu village was up to 10.5 ha due to the advantage of water surface.

As a result, the percentage of poor households in the commune has been brought from 51 percent in 2011 to 35.5 percent, while the average per capita income was 20.5 million VND, up 9.5 million VND compared to 2011./.

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