(HBO) – Tuoi tre (Youth) newspaper and the youth union committees of the northwestern provinces of Son La, Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Yen Bai and Hoa Binh presented the "Tiep suc den truong” (Give Students Strength) scholarships to 122 new university students with disadvantaged backgrounds on September 6.

The event at the Cultural Palace of Hoa Binh was attended by Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Bui Van Cuu and representatives of Tuoi tre newspaper, local departments, sectors and organisations, and the Vinacam study encouragement fund.

Vice Chairman of the Hoa Binh People’s Committee Bui Van Cuu and representatives of Tuoi tre newspaper, Vinacam company and the province’s study encouragement fund grant the "Give Students Strength” scholarships to 30 freshmen of Hoa Binh.

The "Give Students Strength” scholarship is part of Tuoi tre newspaper’s "Vi ngay mai phat trien” (For Tomorrow’s Development) programme, which was launched in 2003. It has supported about 15,000 less-privileged freshmen with more than 75 billion VND (3.3 million USD) so far. Thanks to this scholarship, many students have finished their study and contributed to the society after graduating.

In 2017, Tuoi tre newspaper has worked with the youth union committees of 63 provinces and cities to present scholarships worth over 13 million VND (572,000 USD) to more than 1,700 new university students nationwide. The scholarships, worth 7 million VND (nearly 310 USD) each or 10 million VND (440 USD) for special cases, were granted according to regions: the central region, the Central Highlands, the southeastern region, 10 northern provinces, and six northwestern provinces.

Total scholarships for students in the northwest approximated 900 million VND (39,600 USD) funded by the Vinacam study encouragement fund and the Vinacam joint Stock Company. There were 10 special scholarships worth 10 million VND each and another 112 ones worth 7 million VND each. Hoa Binh had 30 freshmen benefiting from the scholarships.

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