(HBO) - In the evening of September 12, Hoa Binh General Hospital collaborated with sponsors to organize the "Kind Mid-Autumn Festival” for children undergoing treatment at the Hospital.

Representatives of the Red Cross of Hoa Binh city, General Hospital of Hoa Binh province presented gifts to the children.

At Hoa Binh General Hospital, there are more than 100 children who are unable to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with family and friends.

Understanding the disadvantages of the patients, the collective staff of the General Hospital of Hoa Binh province in collaboration with the Red Shirt volunteer group (Hoa Binh city) and organizations and individuals volunteering in and outside the province organize the "Kind Mid-Autumn Festivalprogram in 2019.

This is an annual program with many profound meanings to share difficulties with the children.

The children had a chance to see lion dance, interact with uncle Cuoi and Ms. Hang and eat confectionery, candy...

On this occasion, donors donated 105 gifts and money worth more than VND 20 million to the patients being treated at the hospital.

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