(HBO) - In the school year of 2021 - 2022, the appropriate units and schools in Luong Son district are facing many challenges, especially the unprecedented pressures caused by Covid-19 pandemics. However, with the spirit of overcoming difficulties, the whole district has made efforts to implement the synchronous solutions to maintain and improve the quality of education.

Along with the other schools in the area, Nhuan Trach High & Secondary School (Luong Son) has been synchronously invested in the facilities and teaching equipment to improve the quality of education. 

At Luong Son High School, the outstanding achievement in the last school year was the third prize in the national science and technology contest for high school students. This is the highest achievement of the school in many years, and it is also the common pride of the education and training sector in the province. With the project "The device for controlling alcohol concentration when participating in travelling”, 2 students of class 12A1 of the school, Dang Duc Khai and Nguyen Hoang Nguyen (instructed by Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam) won the first prize in the Science and Technology contest for the provincial high school students in the school year of 2021 - 2022. After that, the project was selected as one of the two typical projects of the province to participate in the national competition and won the third prize - a remarkable achievement of Hoa Binh students when participating in the national science and technology competitions. 

Currently, in the district, there are 3 high schools, 1 high & secondoary boarding school for the ethnic minorities, 1 Center of Vocational Education and Training, with a total of 4,128 students and learners. Along with the efforts to complete the tasks of the school year of 2021-2022, the high schools are focusing on studying for high school graduation exams, aiming to achieve good results to contribute to affirming their determination to improve the quality of education. 

In the block of schools under the management of the District’s Department of Education and Training, in the whole district there are 43 schools with 776 groups and classes with a total of 22,433 students. In which, the preschool block has 21 public schools, 1 private preschool, 7 groups of private children; There are 22 schools in the upper secondary and lower secondary schools with 16,289 students. On the roadmap of the basic and comprehensive renovation of education and training, the district’s People's Committee has merged 100% of the primary and secondary schools. They continue directing the district education and training sector to review and plan the network of schools and classes in association with conditions to ensure the education quality. In particular, identifying the contingent of managers, teachers and staff as the key human resources to help improve the quality of education, the District’s People's Committee has closely directed the cadre work of the district's education and training sector. Every year, the District’s People's Committee directs the District’s Department of Education and Training to pay attention to building and fostering a contingent of good teachers, encouraging them to participate in contests of good teachers at all levels; they summon the managers and teachers to fully participate in fostering and training courses organized by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Department of Education and Training; creating the conditions for the managers, the teachers and the employees to participate in learning to improve their professional, political and theoretical qualifications. Along with that, the assessment according to the professional standards for the teachers and administrators has strictly implemented, ensuring the capacity of the team to basically meet the requirements of implementing the programs of the educational innovation. 

Mr. Nguyen Van Danh, the Chairman of the District People's Committee says: In an effort to synchronously deploy the solutions improving the quality of education and training, the district has been focusing on investing in the facilities and teaching equipment. Every year, the District’s People's Committee allocates funds to invest in the construction and renovation of the facilities to meet the educational quality accreditation criteria and the schools meeting the national standards. In the context of the limited resources, the district prioritizes funding for the implementation of the new general education program and building schools up to the national standards in association with the local new rural construction program. 

As a result, up to May 2022, the whole district has 38 out of the 48 schools meeting the national standards, reaching 79.2%; in which, the preschool level has 18 out of the 21 schools, the level of high & secondary school has 17 out of 22 schools, the high school level has 3 schools. With the high determination, the district is trying to build 8 schools meeting national standards in 2022, increasing the number of schools meeting national standards up to 43 schools, reaching 100%. Along with this determination, the district has strengthened the key solutions to maintain a stable school size, continuing to improve the quality of the comprehensive education of the units and schools, which creates the motivation for the successful implementation of the programs of the educational innovation.

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