(HBO) - The Standing Board of Kim Boi district’s Party Committee strictly implemented Directive No. 35-CT / TW of the Politburo and the provincial authority on all-level Party congresses, towards the 13th National Party Congress of the Party. Party committees at all levels in the district proactively and promptly implemented effectively directives, regulations, guidelines, and plans issued by those at higher levels on all-level Party congresses. The preparation and direction works at congresses of Party organisations under the district’s Party Committee were carried out seriously and effectively.

Members of the organisation board of the Kim Boi district’s Party Committee review the personnel arrangement for all-level Party congresses in the locality.

Following Directive No. 35-CT / TW and guiding documents, the Standing Board of the Kim Boi district’s Party Committee built a specific plan, set up working groups and subcommittees to prepare for the congress.

Members of the Standing Board were assigned to directly monitor and direct the organisation of the Party congresses at all levels, meeting the requirements set. 

For the personnel arrangement for the 2020-2025 period, annually, the Standing Board carried out its personnel planning work, and the arrangement of key positions managed by the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee. 

It was responsible for evaluating the personnel management within Party organisations under the district Party Committee in the term of 2015-2020, and proposing the personnel plan for the 2020-2025 term. 

The political report submitted to the district Party Committee’s 23rdcongress was reviewed for 5 times by the Executive Board and the Standing Board of the district’s Party Committee, and consulted with specialised agencies, as well as former leaders of the district and sectors.

The political report and other documents were carefully prepared, and evaluated impartially and honestly. They were also close to the realistic situation in the fields of building Party, government and political system; economic, culture-society development, and defence-security.

The political report was presented in a scientific manner, including comparison of results of the implementation of objectives, tasks and solutions for the 2020-2025 tenure, making it easier for Party members to follow and give comments. 

The district Party Committee's self-criticism report shows a high spirit of fighting, upholding the spiritof criticism andself-criticism, assessing frankly and honestly the leadership, direction and management as well as causes of limitations in leading, directing, managing and organising the performance of tasks in the past term.


The results of the implementation of the 4th Party Central Committee’s Resolution is connected to the implementation of the Politburo's Directive No. 05-CT/TW. 

Secretary of the Kim Boi district’s Party Committee Nguyen Van Thang said Party committees from the district to grassroots levels have proactively and promptly implemented guidelines, regulations, plans on all-level Partycongresses of Party committees at higher levels in an effective manner.

The preparation and direction for congresses of Party cells under the grassroots Party Committee have been carried out thoughtfully and effectively.

The Standing Board of the Kim Boi district’s Party Committee and comrades assigned to be in charge of Party organisations at the grassroots level work with members of grassroots Party organisations to prepare and organise Party cells’ congresses in accordance with the principles and procedures. 

Grassroots Party organisations have shown their high spirit of responsibility./.


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