(HBO) – The Hoa Binh Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said the province has surveyed the Mo Muong heritage so as to assess its situation and work out orientations for preserving and bringing into play this heritage in an effective and appropriate manner. The survey, completed in March, covered all factors relevant to the heritage, from people, objects to documents.

Launching the club conserving, preserving, and promoting the value of Mo Muong cultural heritage in Tan Lac district

(HBO) - On March 31st, at Muong Bi cultural house, Phong Phu commune, the People's Committee of Tan Lac district held the launching ceremony of the Club conserving, preserving, and promoting the value of Mo Muong cultural heritage. The leaders from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; the District’s Party Committee, the People's Committee and a number of the departments and branches, the representative of the Club conserving, preserving and promoting of Mo Muong cultural heritage in Lac Son and Cao Phong districts attended the ceremony.

The value of Mo Muong

(HBO) - Mo Muong is a great creation of the ethnic Muong people. Mo Muong comprises most of the values that make up Muong culture namely history, literature, society, art and belief It is a cultural heritage that clearly reflects the Muong people’s outlook on life and the world that needs to be cherished and preserved for future generations. Some people said that Mo Muong is a folk encyclopedia about the Muong that has not been fully studied and thoroughly understood.

Starting the construction of Coi communal house

(HBO) - In the morning of March 23rd, the People's Committee of Luong Son District held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Coi communal house in Tan Vinh commune.

Preserving "Mo Muong" cultural heritage

(HBO) – Preparations are being made to submit documents relating to "Mo Muong" to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation to be added to the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding.

The special culture of Muong Thang

(HBO) - Cao Phong district is known for Muong Thang - one of the four great ancient Muong regions of the province. Over the time, the unique cultural identities of the Muong Thang region have always been kept and promoted by the people there, which has become the pride of the generations.

Hoa Binh strives to become vibrant, reliable investment destination
Clearing hurdles, creating dynamics in investment attraction

(HBO) – Hoa Binh is drastically working to tackle obstacles in attracting investment; improve the local business climate with a focus on administrative reform; and build a government apparatus that benefits the people and enterprises as serve the provincial development. Such efforts aim at making the province a vibrant and reliable destination for investors.

Poets keep Hoa Binh art tradition flowing

(HBO) – As usual, in the middle of the first Lunar month, on the occasion of the Vietnam Poetry Day, 20 poets from the Literature and Arts Association of Hoa Binh gathered to enjoy poems and music together.

Hoa Binh working to tap into cultural heritage for tourism development

(HBO) – Over the past years, Hoa Binh province has prioritised resources for cultural heritage preservation and optimisation so as to create a strong impulse for tourism development.

Hoa Binh women are responding to "The Week of Ao Dai” in 2022 from March 1st – 8th

(HBO) - Implementating the Document No. 6759 / ĐCT-TG, dated on February 17th, 2022 of the Presidium of the Central Vietnam Women's Union on the implementation of the activities to welcome the 13th National Congress of Women's Union, February 22nd , the Standing Board of the Provincial Women's Union issued Document No. 118 / BTV-TG to the Women's Unions of the districts and the city, the Women's Unions of the Provincial Public Security, the provincial Ministry Headquarters, the Provincial Women's Confederation's Propaganda and Training Commission on organizing the welcoming activities.

Remembering the cuisine of Thai people in Mai Chau on the spring days

(HBO) - On the first days of the year, I went back to a beautiful land. There is a dish that enters the beautiful verses: "Mai Chau smells the sticky rice even if in women”. Even the sticky rice is as salty and seductive as Thai women themselves!

The Festival of Khenh Communal House in Van Son Commune

(HBO) - From February 12th to 13th (i.e, January 12th and 13th of the lunar calendar), the People's Committee of Van Son commune (Lac Son) held the Festival of Ken Communal House in 2022.

Being ready for the festival season within Hoa Binh lake area in 2022

(HBO) - During the past 2 years, due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemics, the number of tourists to Hoa Binh Lake area has sharly decreased, causing the revenue and profit of the transport businesses in the region to be severely affected.

Lac Son district preserves festival of Khoi Communal House

(HBO) – Since 2020, the festival of Khoi Communal House in An Nghia commune, Lac Son district, has been restored. This is a major festival of the Muong Khoi area, and its restoration has met the cultural and spiritual demand of local residents.

Improving the cultural and spiritual life of the People

(HBO) - In 2021, in the context of complicated development of Covid-19 pandemics, the cultural and sports activities were organized meeting the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, ensuring to serve the political tasks, meeting the needs of the demand to enjoy culture, practice sports, and improving the cultural and spiritual life of the people.

Lac Thinh Commune preserving national cultural identity

(HBO) - The Women's Union of Yen Thuy District’s Lac Thinh commune has launched a club in Trac hamlet which aims to preserve and promote the cultural identity of the Muong ethnic group.

Cao Phong district: Keeping the cultural identity from the movement of mass culture

(HBO) - For a long time, the movement of mass culture has become an indispensable spiritual dish for the people of all ethnic groups in Cao Phong district. The clubs and art teams have been established and regularly maintained the operation, which has effectively exploited the traditional cultural values to serve the people inside and outside the district, contributing to preserving and promoting the national cultural identity.

Culture sector launches tasks for 2022

(HBO) – Leaders of Hoa Binh's culture - sports - tourism sector attended a national conference reviewing its performance in 2021 and launch tasks for 2022, which was held via videoconference on January 6.

Efforts to preserve Muong land’s patterns

(HBĐT) - Although her parents are Muong people, Mrs. Dinh Thuy Ha was born and grew up in Hoa Binh city. She can only speak a little Muong language. Even through her teenage years, she has never been worn a Muong dress.

Thai people’s Keeng Loong dance preserved in Mai Chau

(HBO) – Keeng Loong dance is an integral part of the life of Thai people in the northern mountainous district of Mai Chau, which is performed in festivals like new rice festival, Xen ban, Cha chieng and Lunar New Year festival.

Tour exploring Muong culture space attractive to visitors

(HBO) - The Hoa Binh Tourism joint Stock Company has been operating a tour exploring Hoa Binh lake and the Muong culture space in Hoa Binh from October 1 – December 31 to respond to tourism stimulus activities in the locality. Accordingly, the business commits to cutting by 20 – 50 percent of prices for its products and services, including accommodation, dining, high-quality tourism boat, outdoor events, among others at Ngoi village tourist site.

The Unique De Rice Festival

(HBO) - For Muong ethnic group in Muong Ram, Muong Trac, Lac Thinh communes (Yen Thuy), there are three most important occasions of a year, which are the Independence Day, the Lunar New Year and De Rice Festival. It has become a custom, De Rice Festival takes place on the 26th lunar October. In the flow of the modern life, this special cultural festival is still preserved.

Discovering the beauty of Muong Da Bia village

(HBO) - Coming to the community tourism in Da Bac district, remember to visit Da Bia (now it is in Duc Phong hamlet, Tien Phong commune). This place is one of the very few places where Muong Ao Ta people live. They also preserve many unique cultural features of the nation.

Preserving cultural identity in Tan Lac district

(HBO) – Special attention has been paid to the preservation of national cultural identity in Tan Lac district. A number of clubs have been established and promoted the national cultural identity in the area. The number of members joining the clubs is on the rise, ranging from the elderly, women, farmers to teenagers.

One day at a place where Vietnamese knowledge is stored

(HBO) - Spreading over 30 hectares, with charming scenery and many auxiliary works serving conferences, scientific research and entertainment, the Heritage Park of Vietnamese scientists in Tieng hamlet, Bac Phong commune, Cao Phong district, has been known not only as an attractive tourist destination but also a place to light up the passion for scientific research and the spirit of overcoming difficulties of talents in many fields.