(HBO) – The house-cooling ritual of Muong ethnic people in Hoa Binh province was re-enacted at the Vietnamese Ethnic Culture Village in Dong Mo Commune, Son Tay Town, Hanoi on November 21 in response to the 2021 "Great unity of nations - Vietnamese Cultural Heritage" Week.

Hoa Binh exerts efforts in historical, cultural relic conservation

(HBO) – The management, conservation and development of cultural and historical relic sites in Hoa Binh province have become an important task contributing to the socio-economic development.

Summarizing and awarding the Provincial Festival of Mass Performing Arts in 2021

(HBO) - On November 25th, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held a summary and award ceremony of the Provincial Festival of Mass Performing Arts in 2021.

Majority of communes in Hoa Binh meet cultural standards

(HBO) – Thanks to the support from central and local authorities, communes in Hoa Binh province have continued mobilising and spending resources on cultural development so as to improve rural residents’ living standards.

People in Muong Chieng commune unite to build new-style rural areas

(HBO) - The "All people unite to build new-style rural and civilised urban areas" movement was actively responded and particiapted by people of Muong Chieng commune in Da Bac district of Hoa Binh province. It has been associated with other movements such as "All people participate in protecting national security", "All people participate in prevention of and fight against crime, drugs, prostitution", traffic safety, pandemic prevention and control, and establishment of residential areas of self-managing and protecting the environment.

Doi calendar conservationist in Muong Bi

(HBO) – In the four Muong Bi regions of Bi, Vang, Thang and Dong, only few people keep and know how to read the ancient calendar of Muong people – which is named the Doi calendar. One of them includes Bui Van Lung, an artisan in Muong Lam village of Phuong Phu commune (Tan Lac district).

The beauty of Mong women''''s costumes

(HBO) - The costumes of Mong women are very colorful. It takes a lot of time and effort of grandmothers, mothers, sisters and workers to make a complete costume. The ingenuity of Mong women is that they can make their own ethnic costumes with their skillful hands.

Lac Son district works to preserve, promote values of relic sites

(HBO) – Lac Son district of Hoa Binh is home to 173 relic sites, including archeological, revolutionary historical, and cultural-historical relic sites. Of the total, three are national-level sites and 13 others are of provincial level. The preservation, restoration and development of posititve values of the relic sites have received great attention from the locality. Many relic sites have been restored, contributing to the education of tradition, culture and history in the locality, while helping promote tourism activities.

The flavor of soft and fragrant Uoi cake

(HBO) The ingredients are simple, the method is not very sophisticated, however, it makes a lot of sense. Uoi cake with the unique features in Muong cuisine has long become the pride of the local people.

Hoa Binh preserves Muong gongs

(HBO) - In 2016, the gongs of the Muong ethnic group were honoured as national intangible cultural heritage. Through ups and downs, they have been respectfully preserved and affirmed a special position in the cultural life of people in the Hoa Binh.

Preserving and promoting value of Mo Muong cultural heritage

(HBO) - Over their long history, the Muong ethnic group in Hoa Binh has created and preserved a rich and diverse folk culture, in which the Mo Muong is a prominent and unique one that has profound human values. Generations of Muong people have passed down Mo Muong verbally, giving vitality and popularity to this special intangible cultural heritage.

Charms of Thai people villages in Mai Chau

(HBO) - Hoa Binh province's Mai Chau district is home to many ethnic groups with cultural diversity. Villages of Thai people still retain traditional daily and art activities.

Ancient Muong culture turned into tourism resources

(HBO) – As one of the four ancient Muong areas and the cradle of the Hoa Binh Culture, Tan Lac district has considered folk culture an important internal resource for development. In recent years, the Party Committee and administration of the district have rolled out measures to uphold the fine tradition and conserve the cultural identity for sustainable development.

Efforts made to bring Muong folk songs back to modern life

(HBO) - For more than two years, Muong Khoi folk singing club in Bai hamlet of An Nghia commune (Lac Son) has regularly organised singing during festivals, full-moon days or simply in meetings of its members.

Mai Chau strives to conserve traditional costume

(HBO) – In mountainous communes of Hang Kia and Pa Co of Mai Chau district, people of the Mong ethnic group often wear traditional costume.

Chieng Chau brocades establish themselves as popular products

(HBO) – The brocade weaving of the Thai ethnic group in Mai Chau district is a long-standing craft which has become a cultural identity of local people. Inheriting and upholding the craft’s quintessence, added with their creativity and subtlety, Thai women in Chieng Chau commune have created new products which still combine both traditional and modern features. Thanks to that, Chieng Chau brocades have become popular items attracting buyers in other localities as well as foreigners.

Huu Nghi ward promotes traditional culture among youths

(HBO) – Although Huu Nghi ward is located in bustling Hoa Binh city, it still preserves the traditional culture of the Muong ethnic group.

My Hoa Commune: All people have been joining hands to preserve the cultural identity

(HBO) - Returning to My Hoa (Tan Lac) today, the local economy is on the rise, the people's lives have been flourishing.

Tan My Commune: Keeping the cultural identity of Muong stilt houses

(HBO) - Coming back to Muong Khoi revolutionary war zone in Tan My commune (Lac Son), the first impression is the cultural houses of the hamlet, wards and the housees of the local people are mainly stilt houses made from new materials, which are sustainable and yet they maintain the traditional beauty of Muong ethnic people. Instead of using natural wood and bamboo, most of the local people's stilt houses are made with concrete structures.

National Day celebrated in Muong Vang amid COVID-19

(HBO) - People across Lac Son district celebrate the country’s National Day on September 2 each year. The atmosphere on the day is vibrant as since early morning, sporting and culture-art activities take place in all villages of Muong Van and Muong Khoi. All family members gather together drinking corn wine and people wear their best clothes to visit each other’s house.

Cozy Independence Festival in Hang Kia-Pa Co amid COVID-19

(HBO) – Hang Kia-Pa Co communes in Mai Chau district have 90 percent of their population being Mong ethnic minority people. Each year, local residents celebrate their Independence Festival from August 25 with colourful costumes and flowers decorated along streets. However, this year, due to COVID-19 pandemic, Mong people in Mai Chau have not gathered in traditional markets but celebrated the special event right at home. Amid the complicated development of the pandemic, they have been encouraged to enjoy the festival with strict implementation of pandemic prevention and control measures.

Lac Luong: All people unite to build civilised life

(HBO) – Yen Thuy district’s Lac Luong commune has been strengthening its steering committee for the "All people to unite to build a civilised life” movement while devising the committee’s operational mechanism and action plans relevant to the local situation.

Hoa Binh eyes effective use of resources for socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas

(HBO) - The Party Committee of Hoa Binh province on July 30 issued Resolution No. 03-NQ/TU on leading socio-economic development in the ethnic minority and mountainous areas for the 2021-2030 period in the province (Resolution No.03).

Silently bringing culture, films to disadvantaged areas

(HBO) – Amid the current information explosion and the rise of the media, entertainment, and social networks, not many people remember the film screening team at a time when TV sets were unavailable. Over the past years, film screening teams have worked to perform the political task of improving spiritual and intellectual lives in remote, mountainous and especially disadvantaged areas.

Quy Hoa commune striving to preserve traditional culture

(HBO) – Quy Hoa commune in Lac Son district of Hoa Binh province is in the paddy harvesting season. In terraced fields, local residents are busy harvesting paddy.