(HBO) – Hoa Binh’s industrial production index was estimated to increase 56.27 percent in May against April.

Hoa Binh’s State budget revenue estimated at 2.143 trillion VND

(HBO) - According to data reported by the provincial People's Committee, by the end of May 2022, Hoa Binh’s State budget revenue is estimated at 2.143 trillion VND (92.33 million USD), of which domestic revenue is 1.954 trillion VND, equal to 55 percent of the estimate assigned by the Prime Minister and 32 percent of the yearly target set in a Resolution of the provincial People's Council; and revenue from import-export activities 189 billion VND, equivalent to 60 percent of the estimate assigned by the Prime Minister and the target of the Resolution of the provincial People's Council.

Hoa Binh city strives to become modern, civilised urban area

(HBO) - Hoa Binh city is striving to become a modern and civilised urban area along the Da River, a worth-living place for local residents.

SBV Branch in Hoa Binh enforces measures to boost post-pandemic recovery

(HBO) – Since the start of this year, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV)’s Branch in Hoa Binh province has actively implemented guidelines and policies of the Party, State and sectors for banks and credit institutions in the province, with focus placed on providing preferential credit to people and businesses hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic and expanding non-cash payment from 2022 – 2025.

Kim Boi works to ensure social welfare for ethnic minority groups

(HBO) – Kim Boi district is home to four main ethnic groups of Muong, Kinh, Dao, and Tay, with the Muong accounting for over 80 percent of the local population. To improve their access to health care, education, information, and clean water, and to narrow the development gap among the localities, the district has for years capitalised on resources for ensuring their social welfare.

Hoa Binh clearly defining role, responsibilities of each department, branch in improving administrative reform index

(HBO) – Hoa Binh’s Steering Committee for Provincial Administrative Reform (PAR) held a conference on May 31 afternoon to evaluate the results of the PAR Index and the Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) in 2021 of the province. The event was chaired by Bui Van Khanh, Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee and head of the steering committee.

Hoa Binh moves to push up service sectors

(HBO) – Trade and service activities in Hoa Binh have been diversified and promoted in recent years, meeting the production need and the lives of local residents.

DDCI – leverage for Hoa Binh’s improvement in governing capacity and business climate

(HBO) – Hoa Binh applied the District and Department Competitiveness Index (DDCI) on a trial basis last year. DDCI is used to measure the satisfaction level of enterprises, cooperatives and household businesses with the way the ten districts and city of the northern province and its 26 departments govern the local economy and improve business climate.

Hoa Binh works to encourage consumption of Vietnamese products

(HBO) – In the period of post-pandemic socio-economic recovery and development, the promotion of the campaign of "Vietnamese people prioritise Vietnamese products” has become significant. The campaign has been actively responded in Hoa Binh.

Lac Thuy receives certification trademark for signature tea product

(HBO) – The People’s Committee of Lac Thuy district and the Hoa Binh provincial Department of Science and Technology have jointly held an event to announce the certification trademark for "Song Boi Tea”, a signature product of the district, which was granted by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam late last month.

Hoa Binh builds planning of IP, industrial clusters

(HBO) – An industrial park (IP) and six industrial clusters (IC) with a combined area of over 682 ha, will be constructed in Lac Thuy district by 2050.

Luong Son hosts workshop on rooftop solar power

(HBO) – A workshop highlighting rooftop solar power energy development at the Luong Son industrial park (IP), with an aim to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and protect the environment, was held in Hoa Binh’s Luong Son district on May 24.

Supporting businesses, cooperatives in post-pandemic recovery

(HBO) - While COVID-19 was raging, production and business activities at many enterprises in Hoa Binh province were disrupted due to falling market demand or rising raw material prices and input costs. The introduction of pandemic prevention and control measures affected the production and distribution of goods, resulting in job insecurity and lower incomes for many workers. Businesses and cooperatives also found it difficult to access bank capital and rent production land.

32 products registered in OCOP programme this year

(HBO) - Thirty-two local products have been registered to participate in the "One commune, One product” (OCOP) programme in Hoa Binh this year. Six are from Luong Son district, five from Da Bac district, four from Cao Phong district, three from Yen Thuy, Lac Thuy, and Lac Son districts, and two from Hoa Binh city and Kim Boi, Tan Lac, and Mai Chau districts.

Year-to-date retail sales of goods and services estimated at 14.6 trillion VND

(HBO) - Activities have been promoted around Hoa Binh province under the market stabilisation program and the "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods” campaign since the beginning of the year.

Hoa Binh checks in on 2021 District and Department Competitiveness Index ranking

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh People’s Committee held a symposium on May 11 to reveal the results of the District and the Department Competitiveness Index (DDCI), first implemented in the province in 2021.

Hoa Binh ups efficiency in public funds disbursement

(HBO) - Since the beginning of 2022, the province implemented solutions to speed up disbursement, and improve the efficiency and management of public investment capital.

Hoa Binh on right track to boost economic development

(HBO) - The Party Committee of Hoa Binh province has outlined four policies offering strategic breakthroughs in planning, infrastructure development, business climate improvements, and investment attraction.

Hoa Binh’s budget revenue estimated at 168.85 billion VND

(HBO) - Hoa Binh city's state budget revenue for Q1 2022 is estimated at 855,169 billion VND. This represents 85.51 percent of the target set by the municipal Party Congress Resolution of 1 trillion by 2025.

Wood pellet production links help improve efficiency in afforestation

(HBO) - Cooperation with factories manufacturing wood pellets is expected to help farmers improve productivity, quality, and economic efficiency from afforestation.

Tay woman changes lives in mountainous region

(HBO) – Bringing in Sachi and Gai Lai seedlings and encouraging local people to start planting the trees, agricultural engineer Trinh Thi Thanh Hoa, a Tay ethnic, has helped numerous mountainous commune households escape poverty.

Land fund prepared for industrial infrastructure development

(HBO) - The resolution from the 17th Provincial Party Congress sets the goal of industrial development becoming the driving force of the local economy, with high, sustainable, and effective growth promoting economic growth and realising social goals.

Hoa Binh hosts workshop on bamboo supply chain development

(HBO) – The Sustainable Forest Management Component of the Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity Conservation (VFBC) Project funded by the USAID, in collaboration with the project implementation unit (DAI) organized an initial workshop on the development of bamboo supply chain in the northern province of Hoa Binh.

Over 22 billion VND set aside for concreting rural roads

(HBO) - Based on demand among People’s Committees of cities and districts in Hoa Binh province for the concreting of rural roads and proposed plans for the allocation of funding in 2022 for a project approved in Decision No 121/QD-UBND dated January 20, 2022, the Department of Transport has developed an implementation plan for the task in the 2021-2025 period.

Luong Son district boosts organic, safe agricultural products

(HBO) - Organic vegetables are a source of pride for the people of Luong Son district. To boost cultivation, the district has promoted and expanded organic and safe agricultural production with the application of high technology.