(HBO) - In 2019, with the theme "The Creation and the Attack of the Youth of Tan Lac Public Security, ambushed, sticking to the locality and the foundation, volunteering for the people to serve", the soldiers of Tan Lac Public Security have continued to implement many meaningful volunteer programs.


From the donation of the officials, the soldiers and the benefactors, Public Security of Tan Lac district has built a floating stage worth 50 million VND for Lo Son commune.


The senior Lieutenant Nguyen Tien Luc, the Deputy Head of the Security Team as well as the Secretary of the Communist Youth Union of Tan Lac Public Security says that according to the plan of the civil work in 2019 of Tan Lac Public Security, Communist Youth Union has assigned tasks to the Youth Union to organize the event regularly throughout the year. In particular, they have been focusing on the following programs: Propagating and disseminating the laws, changing the identity cards for the people. They have also organized volunteer programs to help Ngoi Hoa, Tu Ne, Phu Vinh and Phu Cuong communes, giving gifts to poor households and the households under the preferential treatment policy.

Especially, from the beginning of the year until now, from the donation of the officials, the soldiers and benefactors, Tan Lac Public Security has built and awarded the floating stage worth 50 million each to the people of Lu Son and Phu Vinh communes. "Phu Vinh and Lu Son are the remote communes with many difficulties. Every year, the two communes organize big cultural events, namely the Ke Pagoda Festival in Phu Vinh commune and the fish catching festival in March in Lo Son commune. The construction of the floating stage will create favorable conditions for the communes to organize the festivals, thereby contributing to preserving and promoting the traditional cultural values”- says the Lieutenant Nguyen Tien Luc, the Secretary of the Communist Youth Union of Tan Lac Public Security.

Continuing to attack in the administrative procedure reform, from the beginning of the year, the soldiers of Tan Lac Public Security have gone to the grassroots levels to deliver and exchange thousands of ID cards for the people, shortening the time from 20 days to 15 days only. At the same time, the programs of the cultural and sport exchange have been organized in combination with the propaganda of the laws on traffic safety, the fire protection and drugs for thousands of people. According to the lieutenant Nguyen Tien Luc, in the near future, Tan Lac Public Security will organize a volunteer program named "The Green March" in Ngoi Hoa commune. Along with this program there are other volunteer programs such as the program "The Warm Blanket in Winter" to help the poor households and families under the preferential treatment policy and to support the construction of some rural roads, contributing to building a new countryside.

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